Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can't Get Enough of DSA2

So I ran home from work today to start to play with the kids Florida pictures.  Maybe this is not the best digi scrapbook page but I am learning this software and boy is it ever fun to use.  I practiced bending text and adding decorative edges to the photos.  So much fun.  Check out the Sarif website 'cause there is free (yes FREE) download version of this software and the vids on youtube are the bomb! LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks tonight go to Melinda for the vids and to ducky designs for her oh so cool graphics.  Thanks to you both for sharing, I'd be no kinda crafter without you all.  Have a great night!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Here we go People!  My weekly SHOUT OUT!
Today's shout out goes to (wait for it) (here it is)
I so love these guys (girls) ya know what I mean!  What a great online shopping experience. I placed my order for some MME Halloween paper that I needed on Saturday at about mid morning EST and I got home from work on Monday and my paper was here already.  Along with a little bonus I might add.  This website was pure costumer service at its best and I can't wait to place another order.  So to you Scrapcastle here is a SHOUT OUT and a note of thanks!!  I appreciate your service and wish you all the best for the coming crafty season!
ps Did I mention that even with the shipping I got a better price than when I bought the paper at my local Michael's store.(which by the way is not so local) (gas does cost $$$!)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Halloween - 2010 Treats, DONE!

Hi All,
I am so excited that I have a handle on this years Halloween crafty goodies.  Each year I try for three items to make as a little give away to family and friends.  Now that I know what I am making it is easy to start really pushing out a large quantity.  I started with the pad cover (which I love!). Next was the Ghirardelli box to hold three Ghirardelli chocolates. I love the sides of the box that say "TRICKS" & "TREATS".  Last, was the little pouch to hold two Ghirardelli's. Yum....I just love all three.  I ended up using DSA2 for all the graphics.  The boxes were all cut on the cricut using SCAL.  The paper on the candy holders is from My Mind's Eye spider web collection that I ran through my HP printer.  The pad cover paper is Martha Stewart. And of course (what I consider my) signature spider is everywhere.(He is a fav of mine!!)  The only thing missing is that there is no Hersey nuggets.  Last night I placed my Stampin up paper order for the fall holiday season, so maybe, just maybe when I get my hands on the new wicked paper I will have to add a nugget project into the mix.  Have a great day and thanks for visiting.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Second Look

I had some time to take another look at the Halloween graphic I made yesterday.  I left it posted even though I saw things that I wanted to change. First off I had printed it on photo paper and had tried to add some marker ink.  The photo paper didn't take the marker as well as I hoped. I also needed to work on centering the parts and adding some shadows.  I also felt the entire graphic was way to large and needed to be smaller.  I took out the background and this time I printed it on some Martha Stewart card stock.  I like it much more with no color added to it.  I think this would make a great bookmark to go along with a scary paperback non edible treat for Halloween. Ummm, I could see it now! Thanks for visiting,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Halloween Is Kind Of Crazy!

I had so much fun today playing with DSA2.  I learned so much from videos on youtube and I knew this would be a great graphic for some note pads that I bought at A.C. Moore at the end of Halloween last year.  Sorry for oh so sad pictures I take!  I am really starting to feel the Halloween Mojo now!

Have a great evening and thanks for visiting,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Shout Out To Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist and Denise Too!

Hi All,
Happy Weekend To Everyone!!  I have been falling behind on so many things lately, one of which is all of my pictures. Last winter I had made a commitment to myself that I would keep up on the 2010 year of pictures.  After all it was the start of a new decade.  Well, true to form I don't think I printed one picture this year and here we are in August.  I got bit by some inspiration from Denise (Hi Denise) over at Purple Paper Paradise when she started to get going with her digital pages.  They are awesome!  Denise is doing hybird pages combining digi with the traditional layout style. AWESOME!!! So inspired by her blog I put down the Halloween paper and went back to my friend Huey.  I had bought DSA2 back in I think February.  I have been using it to make bookmarks and coasters.  Melinda over at the yahoo Funtime group has made some great youtube videos.  Please check out this software.  I think it is fantastic.  I think the company is in England but I am not sure.  They even have a free version available.  I have been enjoying playing around with the software and only wish I had hours and hours to spend learning everything it can do.  I think the next page I make I will try Denise's technique and and add some traditional embellishments to my page. Thanks Denise and thanks to DSA2 also.  Have a great day and thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And For When You Need A Quickie!

Nothing but nothing can beat the Sour Cream Container.  I just love this favor.  So super simple for any occasion. There are instructions all over the internet for these but really all you need is a piece of paper about 5 by 4 inches.  Though,  I have made them in all sizes.  Some bigger than others.  I have even done a photo template of my granddaughter as a birthday party favor.  You don't even really need the crimp-er as you can set a piece of sticky strip in the end seams and use your score board to create the crimp.  The crimp-er does make it go a bit faster. You are simply creating a tube that you fill and crimp in opposite directions.  I love these because when I need a last minute favor or even filler for a group of favors, they are quick and easy.  Enjoy the evening and thanks for visiting!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Trick or Treat ... Something Sweet

I had a blast with this carrier box and tag from last year.  I just loved the saying "Eat, Drink, and Be Scary". I mean I aspire to these three things on daily basis.  I saw the saying as a rubber stamp (pretty sure it was Stampin up) but I needed my own take on it.  So Huey, the vaio helped out.  The carrier was the sizzix die that I made digital so that I could cut them with the plotter.  I made 20 or so of these.  The names and tags were all done on the computer and then hand punched with Stampin Up punches.  I think these came out great.  The carrier base is recycled report covers and the designer paper is Stampin Up "Cast a Spell" from last year.  That paper is now available as a digital download from them.  I just loved that paper and was so excited when I was able to get it as a digi paper.  I think my favorite part is the silver thread and the spider.  The side you see has the Ghirardelli chocolates and on the other side is 6 wrapped Hershey nuggets.  They went over big.  This year I am thinking a coffin box and have started working on them.  I have a few days off from work next week so I plan on really getting organized for the fall crafting season.  I feel the summer is coming to a crashing halt, and I am so not ready for the cooler weather.  Hope you all are enjoying the day and thanks for visiting!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Signs of Halloween

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the weekend! I have been digging through old pictures to find pictures of Halloween crafts that I have made and I must say I get side tracked.  I have been loving seeing pictures of family and friends from past years as I hunt for pictures to use on the blog.  My goal was to focus on pictures that I could post but it has been wonderful to see all these great pictures from the past.  I also have come to the conclusion that I should take a photography class.  Really I can't take a picture worth a darn.  So please look past the poor photography and try to imagine how nice the object looks up close.  I hope to really start banging out some Halloween treats this weekend.  I made this sign back in '06.  The font is my most favorite Halloween font called "Agatha".  I just love it and use it for almost all my Halloween text.  I used my KnK to make these signs and I have the file if anyone wishes to have it. The text has been converted to path so if you don't have the font you will still be able to cut it.  Just leave a comment and I will be more than happy to share. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting. Lysa

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's August and We Know What That Means ....!

... For all who know me it simply means ... HALLOWEEN
Yes I have already started.  I make a lot of Halloween crafts and if I don't start in August it would "spell" disaster.  So because I was not involved in blogging this time last year, I feel the need to throw in the old with the new.  I know I already posted my paper ribbon witch and now here comes one of Halloween 2009 sweet little treats.  I need to say I am a candy specific kinda girl.  Most of the treats I make are for adults.  I can't really see lollipops (though I do love them) for my particular target audience. As you may know I am a Hersey Nugget freak but I also love, love, love Ghirardelli chocolates.  I use them all the time.  I have to wonder if all the families that receive these year after year are thinking ..."oh no, not the Ghirardelli's again!!" yeah I bet they don't and I always mix things up a bit.  There is always an array of chocolate.  I make sure there are dark chocolate, and milk chocolate, almonds etc.  People ... I do know my chocolate!  So here is a simple fold over for a Ghirardelli chocolate.  And please note my little plastic spider. He is a fav of mine.  I also had the pleasure of using my xyron creatopia, which I love but as usual I can't find a adhesive refill locally.  This had become a pet peeve of mine.  I know the internet allows me to freely buy, buy, buy but I really do want to just walk into a store and be able to purchase the product without using my credit card.  I hope you like this project and my tip is that if you have a favorite candy and want to make a simple fold over all you need to do is measure your candy.  I find when you use a simple base and focus on the outer decorations you will come up with something fabulous.  If you want the specific measurements for this leave me a comment or send me an email at LhueyC@aol.com.  And please take a minute to ahhhh over the stampin up designer papers.  I so love their paper!!  Thanks for visiting, Lysa