Sunday, May 23, 2010

Capri Sun - The Summer Project!

Wow People, can you believe May is coming to an end!  I have been so busy with getting the house in summer mode that it seems crafting has taken a back seat.  BUT NO! because while I was spring cleaning and getting all the outside goodies going things were growing in the craft room.  Yes it's true, I said to the little one (fave and only grandchild) "you should save all those Capri Sun juice pouches you drink, maybe we could make something out of them".  Yeah well, can someone explain this?  Had I said "maybe you should turn your socks right side out before putting them in the hamper"  Yeah, you know I would get no response, but ask for Capri Sun pouches?  WOW, you should see the response.  I'm pretty sure she would mug someone in the streets to secure what is now a precious commodity.  All kidding aside,  the summer project for 2010 will be a Capri Sun juice pouch tote bag.  It's perfect.  I was looking for something that Rory (fave and only grandchild) could work along with me on.  Then in my own head I started thinking about that plastic craft lace.  You know like 2 or so posts ago.  I was going to teach her a  spiral lanyard stitch, make a key chain, and call it a summer.  But then it hit me, Plastic lace, Capri Sun pouch! Well that's just a marriage made in heaven.  Now I know these tote bags and purses have been around for like 10 years or so.  I have done my best not to look for a pattern or any other info online.  I do know that people have been sewing these pouches together to create great little crafty goodies like purses and pencil cases etc.  So my goal along with the fave Rory is to make something fun and colorful. So check back to see what we have made. Thanks for visiting!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

An Apple For The Teacher

Teachers are such a large part of all our families.  I am a grandmother and my grand-daughter attends the same elementary school that her Mother, Father, Uncles, Great Uncles and Grandfather attended.  Wow, how cool is that!  Though trough the years the Teachers changed and the building itself has gone through some minor changes it remains an important part of our family.  This past week was Teacher Appreciation and we sent in these apples for my grand-daughter's teachers.  I only wish I could have made one for the entire school staff.  I just love them.  I purchased the cutting file years ago from and try to use it as much as I can for the teachers I know.  I used a cuttlebug embossing folder for embossing and the tag is from the Platin Schoolbook and Wildcard cartridges. I made the box out of recycled clear acrylic report covers.  Oh and please notice that oh so luscious striped paper by Basicgrey called "Figgy Pudding".  I purchased the solid red at the end of Christmas last year from Michael's.  How about that, Christmas papers filling my apple needs. Oh and of course there are those Hersey nuggets again.  I love them too!  If my memory serves me correct the same Paperthreads designer who made this apple sliceform also made the Easter egg sliceform file that I had purchased.  Sliceforms are amazing.  I did make a Christmas tree and it took forever to figure out.  They are just little wonders of the math world, and did you know they fold flat!  Yup, you can make these bad boys up, pop them in an envelope and mail them off.  There are pattens for baby bottles and wine bottles, all kinds of fun shapes.  I have seen snow globe patterns too.  Just so cute.  Try to make one, you will be glad you did.  Thanks for visiting.  Lysa