Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If This Is The Spring Bucket List, Then, Why Are The Snowmen Still On The Mantle?

I am siting here at the computer and I can't believe that I can hear hail hitting the aluminum siding on the back of the house.  This would not normally have an effect on me except for the fact that it is March 23rd!! and it has been snowing and hailing on and off all day long.  I just sat down and took pen to hand to make a list of my needed crafty mojo for the next few weeks.  I have some fun and much needed crafty goodness knocking at my door.

FIRST AND FOREMOST is Donna B's. friends of the library favors.  You may remember them from last year.  This is a large group of dedicated volunteers that hold a large book sale in our community.  They use their proceeds to fund many outstanding programs for the children in our community as well as assist our local libraries to maintain their collection of books as well as maintain the atmosphere of the building itself.  Today we are all so digital and even with all the convenience of a kindle or other digi reader you and I both know that nothing beats the feel and smell and hands on love of a real book.  I am happy and honored to contribute to my friend Donna's endeavor. And I have a plan. OK, So I don't really have a plan but I am thinking something in the shape of a book (like last year) but this time no candy.  Stay tuned to see what I come up with.

THE BUNNIES ARE COMING!! so true to form I scoped out the Lindt bunnies at Walgreens and A.C. Moore.  I have a plan.  OK, So I don't really have a plan but I am thinking something along the lines of a itty -bitty basket this year.  All I know is once the bunnies land - the swimming pool is only a breath and a heartbeat away.

A SPRING/SUMMER RE-PURPOSE, REUSE, RECYCLE PROJECT - I have two or three things that I would like Rory and I to try this year.  If you remember last year we tried some capri sun juice projects.  This year I was thinking I would like to try something with plastic soda bottles and maybe something with newspapers.  And yes, I have a plan.  OK, So I don't really have a plan but I am thinking something along the lines of seed planters? maybe? not sure!!!  Only time will tell how this pans out.

THIS MUCH I CAN TELL YOU even if it is snowing this week-end and we get 10 inches, the snowmen are coming down off the mantel and going up in the attic!! For sure, Putting away the snowmen is at the top of my Spring Bucket List!!!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

St. Patricks Day Is Upon Us

After St. Valentine's and before Easter a favorite holiday in this house (and in this town too!) is St. Pat's!  Next Sunday is parade day here in Woodbridge and it is major fun.  Now keep in mind we have someone named Rory who lives here so you know there will be wear'n of the green for sure.  And I can't wait for dinner on parade day as well.  Lots and lots of corned beef and cabbage. Yum, I can't wait!!! In the meantime some quick crafty fun and a few decorations around the house make for a festive weekend.  As you can see Rory and I made some paper cutouts (modified from cricut celebrate with flourishes) that we hung on our tree that usually sports our family pictures. A few pots of gold completes our little scene.
Enjoy the season as spring is upon us and the warm weather is on its way.
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