Monday, September 5, 2011

Let's All Get Our Batty On!

Hi Everyone,
As the Labor Day weekend comes to a close I was able to get some craftn' done.  I made this cute triangle box that holds two Hershey Nuggets perfectly.  I didn't try but I am pretty sure that three Hershey kisses (maybe even four) would also work great too.  This box was so easy and came together so fast. Look how silly it looks!

I made it in my KnK Studio software just by making 4 rectangles the size I needed, I converted it to curves and pulled out the sides on 3 of them. Then I lined them up and welded the whole thing together.  A simple copy and paste into my MTC software and I was cutting.  Here is how they came out:
Click for larger image

And here is the side.  I just love how it closes to hold the candy in:
Click for larger image

You can see I am still stuck on Stampin up Cast a Spell paper.  It is a favorite of mine and I have the digi file so I can print to my hearts content.  I do plan on changing these up just a bit and making them in black and white. I also used my Martha bat punch.  I made the tag in DSA2.  I like this project because I will be able to bang out a large quantity in a short time.  Thanks for visiting, and enjoy whats left of the holiday.