Monday, October 12, 2015

Ghosty and Witch Hat Clothespins and A Skully Necklace Too!

Hi Everyone,
Oh my, the month is flying by.  Surely it can't be Oct. 12th  already.  Normally in the month of October I have a lot of crafty good pictures to show.  This year while I have been banging out some crafty good Halloween projects I just have not had time to post or to prep a file for a file share. Let me catch you all up on craftroom happenings. First I have to tell you that I pre-ordered the KnK Force. YES, The Force WILL Be With Me! I am so excited that the machine will be coming to live in my craftroom sometime in November.  People it has a camera, Yes! A CAMERA. That is what you use for alignment for print and cut. Not only does it have a camera, it has true z axis, and a rotary tool. I plan to cut my little heart out.  The first thing I am going to cut is . . . a record album. Oh yes, records make for great recycled projects.  I plan to cut wood too.  I think that the craftroom is going to get pretty darn messy once the Force comes to play here. OK, so enough of that (mostly because I bought the Force with limited info and based my decision on how much I love my other 2 KnK cutters) but I do have a cool pic I got off of Facebook.  Here it is:
How sweet! It has color lighting!
Now for Halloween, I fell head over heals for the Stampin Up Witch Hat clothespin. True to form I had to make more of it than what it was. I just could not see why anyone would want the white paper backing on the glitter paper to show.  Come on Peeps, its all about the details. Part of me does understand that at $2.50 a sheet one might want to live with the white showing. I blew through my 4 sheets in about a minute because I made them double sided. So off to Michael's I went to get some more black glitter paper (also backed in white)(what's up with that, why would you not have a black backing???) Well it was a saving at @1.99 less 20% off my entire order (Thank you Michael's) While I was there I saw white glitter paper and knew right then that I had to make ghosties too.  Here is my pic of how they all came out.
I made 40 and the only thing I wish I had was white clothespins for the ghosties. I just didn't think to pick them up when I was at the store.  I love how they came out. I made so many that I even had some to donate to the Halloween bake sale at work.  I cut the ghosts with my ZING and most of the hat were made with SU punches but then I made a digital file because I was making so many.  Oh and Mr. Ghosts bow tie is my all time favorite Martha Stewart bat punch.  I swear I use it every year!!
So are you still with me? quick story, I get a home party catalog at work for Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski. Whooo baby, talk about pricey! So I see a necklace called the Zoe.  I loved it and thought this would be a great necklace for all us girls at the house.  After all we are all up and into Halloween.  Here is a pic of the necklace:
The price was $79.00 for the skull bead and the 6mm light amethyst pave ball bead. OK so it is two necklaces but no way could I buy 3. So off I went to one of my favorite bead suppliers Fusion Bead. Don't you know I made all 3 necklaces for less than the cost of 1.  And I even changed it up a bit to make them our own.  Here is a pic of mine and Sam's:
Hard as I tried to get good pics it was tough. But you get the idea. I am so happy with how they came out.  If you need to order Swarovski beads Fusion is a great source.  They always have a coupon. I made Rory's necklace just as the catalog one and it will look awesome with her costume this Halloween. Pics to follow for sure! All total with findings and chain I made the 3 necklaces for $58.00. The best part is that it is all Swarovski.
Thanks for visiting and let me know if you are interested in the cut file for either the Witch Hat or Ghostie clip, they were fun to make and if anyone wants the file I will take the time to upload it.