Monday, May 16, 2011

A Sign Of Things To Come ...

Hey All,
So for Mom's Day (like most other Mom's) I asked for a large format printer. Well I didn't ask (that would just be rude) I hinted! and sure enough the hubs(best dude alive) shows up with not just the printer but with an after market ink system! Gotta love the guy, he is right on with my crafty mojo! So I have been happily printing away with all kinds of digi fun stuff.  I have been playing with all kinds of downloads and even trying to create my own goodies.  Along with all of this we have gotten the ole' homestead ready for summer fun. Away went Easter and out came Summer (yeah, the pool is OPEN!) All the red, white and blue stuff is all over the house.  While browsing all the catalogs I kept seeing all these great wooden beachy crabby signs.  Gee I just love them.  After all we eat shellfish all summer long.  I just wanted a sign for the side board in the dining room.  So I found a picture in one of catalogs for a crab shack and made it my own. (OK, not really I copied it, for the most part)  I think maybe I could have spent a bit more time on it but for now I am happy with it.  I saw a 4th of July sign that I loved too and I think I will try to put my own spin on that one.  I just love this digi interpretation of these wood signs and I hope to do more of them because it helps me to learn a new technique.  That's all I am really after as I travel down this crafty road.  For this sign I pretty much copied a picture I saw and I designed it and printed through DSA2.  I used a sanding block and stampin up chocolate chip ink to distress it.  All I did was print and mount it to some chipboard.  I just attacked it with the sanding block and the ink.  I would like to make more signs like this so that I can refine my hand for it. But you know what?  If I do I do and if I don't I don't!  This is what I like about crafts ... Maybe I will start to paint on tin or maybe I will never make another sign.  Who knows,  Crafting is just all about playing with the resources that live in your craftspace.  I hope you like my sign and I hope you try something new and share it too!
Thanks for visiting, Lysa