Sunday, September 29, 2013

Birthday Smiles!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick check in to say Hi! We have been so busy here at the homestead I hardly have a moment to sit down.  First off the house is decorated for Halloween! I tried my best to thin it out a bit by only putting out my all time fav Halloween stuff!  Well it didn't work because every time I saw a corner I was back in the attic grabbing something to fill the space. While it does seem to look the same from year to year I still stand back and say "oh I love how that looks!"  Here is a shot of the bay window in the living room:
and the mantle:
All I can say is at least I have done away with the bales of hay and most of the faux foliage. Well since the homestead looked so nice we thought we would have the family over for Rory's birthday.  It was a great time. I had to make a little favor for the occasion (something simple as time was not on my side) Here is a pic of the favors:
Don't you love the tag line! Rory's 10 and you thought Halloween was scary!  I used Stampin' Up witches brew paper and the bread tag thinlet to create a fold over for a single Ghirardrlli chocolate.  Where those 10 years went I cannot tell you (Oh, but mirror in my bathroom sure can, can you say CROWS FEET!) We had a great celebration and today I thought it would be great to just sit and play. I thought I would play with some of the pictures that were taken yesterday.  When I saw a picture of Sam and Rory that was taken it reminded me of a picture I had from Rory's first birthday.  I wanted to bring them together on a digi page and here it is:
Surely the crows feet on my face are worth their weight in gold. I love these 2 girls more than anything and I wish for them that those beautiful smiles are on their beautiful faces everyday of every year of their lives. I use CA2 to create this page. Gee, I love that software!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all are getting your Halloween on.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let's Play What's Wrong With This Picture!

Hi Everyone,
Here I am with a quick post to check in and let you all know that I have gone completely off the crafty edge.  Yes, it's true. Here is a picture:
There, you can see for yourself I have totally stepped off the edge. What you don't see it?  Your thinking it looks just like your crafty desk, come on really! I can't remember the last time I had 3 seasons whispering in my ear at the same time. Yup, the Rainbow Loom (summer) bracelets are still going strong, I cut 20 more coffins for the nail file favors and made a bread tag foldover for my Board meeting favors (Hello Halloween) and just to keep me moving I had to play with my SU festive flurry stamps and thinlets (can you say Christmas tags 2013) I am just all over the place. Problem is I should have spent the weekend working on the mess that is still in garage from the room makeover (oh well, my car is in the garage and how bad would it be if Sam has to clean snow off of her car? hee -hee) And then there is that awesome huge (and annoying) pile of laundry and that kitchen floor (what to do, what to do) I know, I can spend another hour or so online looking for more information on the new Brother Scan N Cut die cutter that is coming out in October or better yet another hour searching pinterest for Vintage Halloween Goodness or maybe a trip to Five Below because I am running a bit low on lime green rubber bands.  Gee . . . . I am out of control . .  but the fact is I had an awesome weekend washing away my work life and playing in the craft space.  Like I always say "I 'yam what I 'yam and what I 'yam is a crafty good girl!"
Hope you all had a great and crafty weekend and have an awesome good work week for the crafty goodness is just a mere five days away!
Here are some extra crafty good pics!
3 looms long so no extensions!
I just can't stop the LOOM'N!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Halloween 2013 For The Work Peeps!

Hi Everyone,
It is an awesome fall day here in Jersey.  The air conditioner is off and the windows are open.  Even though I am a summer girl I must say with the horrible summer weather we had, today is just simply lovely.  So what did I do? Well, I never left the craftspace! Yes, it is true, on this beautiful day with so many chores to do I never left the room! But, with the windows open and the smell of Autumn in the air I was sure happy living in my own private Idaho (sorry Idaho, I just can't let it go). So, this years Halloween favors for the work peeps are proving to be one of my all time favorites. I do want to tell you that true to par I am no photographer as the following pictures just don't show these cuties in their true light! Please stay with me as I make a long story out of a quick and easy project. First my friend Joanne (Hi Jo!) gives me 2 spools of ribbon that went unused at a her niece's bridal shower. Joanne's niece (her sister Elle's daughter (Hi Elle))is getting married, probably as I am typing right now. Yup, right now! So anyway back at the point. They (Aunt, Mom,& the bridal party) decorated a party room at a winery for the bridal shower and they had some left over ribbon, and guess what? They thought of me! ME, yeah, Score!! Free awesome crafty ribbon goodness comes my way! Here is a picture of the free crafty goodness:
Ahh. . ..  almost 50 yards of crafty good white and opal mesh ribbon! So of course the first thing I thought was "gee, this is going to sit in my stash for a long time until my next wedding favor job".  Then I thought, "Maybe Christmas?"  I added the crafty good ribbon to the stash and was happy that someone thought of me.
Then, I went to work on Tuesday and my favorite AVON lady (Hi Donna) hands me my order. OMG!! happy dance as I open the bag to reveal the cutest Halloween emery nail files I have ever seen! Stay with me people, I am getting to the craft. So now I have awesome crafty ribbon and an awesome crafty favor and all I need to do is figure out how to package them up. Well here it is, my crafty good favor for the girls at work!
So cute, want to see what is inside? here he is:
He is the cutest nail file I have ever seen and the girls are going to love him!!!  Here is a few more not so great pictures of them:
I can't wait to give these out to the work peeps. I already called Donna to tell her to order me 10 more Avon files so that I have enough to send to Sam's office as well.  Pulling apart the white mesh ribbon that Joanne and Elle gave me created the perfect ribbon web effect for my little coffin fold overs and I just loved how the opal fibers catch the light just like a real web.  I really wish I had a better handle on photography so that you could see just how cute these little coffins are.  I hope you think they are as cute as I do.  And more importantly a shout out to Joanne and Elle on the big wedding.  I am thinking of you both and sending cheers, wishes and blessings to you both and to the Bride and Groom for a long, and happy life together.
Thanks for visiting,