Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas 2014 - We Making Bracelets! How Charming!!

Hi Everyone,
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is in full swing at our house it is time to get our craft on.  I have been working like a mad woman trying desperately to stay one step ahead of things.  Truth be told I am racing just to stay in step let alone a step ahead.  The house is now decked from top to bottom, outside lights are glowing and the "big giant wreath" is hanging. The wreath is a story in itself as it takes a team of three people to get it in place and wired to the house via bedroom windows in two different rooms!  The Christmas/winter dishes are cleaned and in place so that we can enjoy all the caloric holiday frenzy on festive snowman themed plates. They surely make everything taste even better.  In order to clear the decks for the decorations my craftroom is a sight to be seen.  There is a line of boxes dividing the room in two.  Stuff is just piled everywhere and you have to move boxes just to get into a drawer or cabinet.  It really is awful and not a creative space at the moment. This bit of mess can't stop me from having a some crafty fun with the Granddaughter.  Rory and I had decided about a month ago that we wanted to make some charm bracelets for her friends as this years gifts.  Rory and her Mom love their Alex and Ani bracelets so we decided  that was the style we wanted to make. At first I looked into bending the wire bracelets myself.  I was able to find the wire and the mandrel that was needed but the start up cost was a to much for me for a craft that I might only make once.  I have to keep reminding myself  "I am a papercrafter, I am a papercrafter" This is why I am out of space in the craftroom.  So with a bit of searching I found some bracelet blanks online.  Actually I found a lot of sources for the blanks.  Some high end in precious metals and some in coated brass, stainless steel, etc. that were reasonable in the pocketbook department.  I chose to order from a lovely Etsy shop.  The name of the shop is The Jeweled Box and you can fine it here at this link:
Anne is the owners name and she is located in Georgia.  My order arrived quickly and everything was as pictured.  I even placed a second order because once I made the first bracelet I knew I needed to make a lot of them!!
I bought most of the charms from Oriental Trading but there are charms all over the place online and in stores.  I saw many at AC Moore and Joann's.  Rory and I sat online at Oriental's website and she chose the charms for her friends.  Then I hit Joann's and chose some too.  Here are some pic of the bracelets that we made.  The pictures are not the best but you can get the idea of how great they came out. I also had to add pics of Rory at work.  I just love my little crafty good bud!

Not the best work surface I know, but like I said the craftroom is one hot mess!
Look how many we made in just part of an afternoon

Each bracelet has 9 charms. Can you see the angel and the made with love heart? So cute! Now I can't wait to make the perfect packaging  for these cuties to go in.  I was amazed how easy it was for Rory to work with the jump rings and the pliers.  It did not take her long to get the hang of it.  This project would be an awesome fund raiser for a Girl Scout group or other community group. These charms are all cheap alloy metals and can be purchased in bulk.  I saw everything from book themes to medical themes.  I think I need to make a cancer ribbon one for the girls in the Oncology office where my daughter works.  I don't know you guys . . . it just might be time to buy the wire and the bracelet mandrel so I can start bending the wire bracelets myself, oh but remember "I am a papercrafter, I am a papercrafter"!! Thanks for visiting and enjoy getting your Christmas craft 2014 on!!