Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's For Work Peeps 2013

Hi Everyone,
Here I go again with a rambling blog post.  I am so in L-O-V-E with my 2013 Valentine's that I my brain is moving faster than my typing fingers.  This was just one of those projects that just makes me shout the phrase "Awesome Crafty Goodness!"  This was one of those projects where I bought little and produce something I really liked.  That picture above . . . was a date stamp that was in the garbage at work.  I knew I had to rescue it.  It was just waiting for me to cut it apart for some reason.  All I did was run a bit of adhesive across the block and there you have it, my little Valentine tag.  Those little tags were cut with MTC and my ZING.  I used MTC to modify my Stampin 'Up word window and modern label punch and reduced them to those little cuties. There you have it the first two parts of these little Valentines that I am love'n.  But wait, there is more, here is a picture of the graphic I used for the body of the Valentine:
Why am I so excited you ask. Well, I bought that digi download of Echo Park's "Yours Truly" last year from Jessica Sprauge and I just loved the papers from the start.  I used my CraftArtist 2 to split and flip the graphic at the right point so that the word LOVE is right side up on both the front and back of the Valentine. Other than me who would notice but hey it makes me happy. Gee, I just can't say enough how much I love my CA2!  See the black outlines.  They are there because on my Fiskars cutter the blade is exactly 1/4 inch away from the index line on the right side.  That is how they get cut so quickly and perfectly to fit.  Between CA2 and Fiskars, template making is easy peasy good! But wait, there's more! Xyron!! I love Xyron . . . check out this picture:
That's a lot of stickers! when you need an edge to edge adhesive Xyron is the go to machine.  I bought my 850 in the late 1990's and I still use it today.  It is one of my tried and true tools.  I forgot to mention I used my We R Memory Keepers corner chomper to round those corners. Need I mention that I just ordered their envelope board from Scrapbook.com.  I can't wait to get it.  Now you might think the next picture would be the finished product but no. I have to show the parts of the whole because that is my favorite thing.  I love when all the parts are prepared and waiting to become the whole. Here is the picture:
OMG! Just look at all that crafty goodness! See the little AVON lip gloss, how cute are they? and the  XO tags that I printed on some old 3 column journal paper, love them!. Those odd looking bases were designed in my KnK studio software and cut with MTC.  My Valentine's came out great and if you come back and visit on Friday, I will be posting the end result and the file share. I don't mean to be a tease, it's just that I want to finish a few more and get a pic.  Thanks for visiting and check back because I think you are going to love this file as much as I do.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Valentines Day 2013

Hi Everyone,
I have an oldie but goodie from years ago to share with you today. I am sure you have some version of it in your file stash already, but as you know we file collectors need it all!  Back in 2008 or so I had made a cute little Valentine "purse".  I made so many of them I could make them in my sleep.  I was so proud of the cut out I even uploaded it to the SCAL forum.  People liked it and it is still there today. You can find it at that forum just by searching "Rorysnonna".  So I never had made the file for MTC (which is what I use today along with my ZING) I thought I will just convert it and share it with you all.  Please, I never even added score lines back in the day. And the file was really off, meaning it wasn't quite straight or even.  It just wasn't worth sharing it without bumping it up and fixing it a bit.  I completely remade the file using MTC and the best part was mapping the score lines.  This little bag has a wider bottom, the top narrows just a bit.  Well, thanks to MTC basic shapes I was able to add a trapezoid shape, fit it into position, cut off the top, convert the rest of lines to dashed lines and there you have it, perfect score lines that you can use.  Geee, I love my MTC!!!  Here is a picture of the file:
I have uploaded this file to my mediafire account and if you want the PDF you can find it here:
And for the MTC peeps (my favorite peeps, ever!!) the link is here:
I hope you all have use for this file.  Please feel free to re-size it to your needs. I hope you all find a bit of time in your weekend to get crafty as Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Enjoy your weekend,
EDITED 1/20/13 at 11:30 am
Hi Everyone,
I just saw a line in the .pdf file that was incorrect.  I have made the change and reposted the file.  Thanks so much for understanding when I make an error.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Valentine Quickie!

Hi Everyone,
Valentine's Day is upon us, I know this because I walked into Walgreen's today and just about everything was red and pink. O.K. so my Christmas tree is still glowing in the living room.  It's all good though because this weekend I am going to do nothing but put Christmas away.  So I thought if I got my blog post done tonight I could spend the next 3 days cleaning! So this is a quick post to send this cute little Tic Tac holder for Valentine's Day file your way.  This little box will hold a Tic Tac container perfectly. You could even use it for some fun size candy bars as well.  Here is a picture of the file:
This is a quick and easy file because if you use a digital cutter you don't have to hand score.  You can download the .pdf file here:
And for MTC peeps the link is here:
I hope you like this little quickie, feel free to alter the file to suit your need.  I am sure with little effort you can remove the heart and add any shape topper you would need for any occasion.  Thanks for stopping by and please check back soon as I ordered these adorable mini Avon lip glosses that I plan to give to the work peeps for Valentine's Day.  I can't wait to get them so I can see the size and start to plan the package.
Have a great weekend (you know I will be cleaning!)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The First Crafty Goodness Of 2013!

Hi Everyone,
I wish I could tell you that all the holiday decorations were happily living back up in the attic, but I haven't even started to take them down.  Everyday I make a plan and everyday I get sidetracked in another direction.  Of course the Hubs already got the big giant wreath and all the outside lights down and put away.  He really is the Energizer Bunny!  I, on the other hand had to do a quick project for someone at work who is having a huge "Alice in Wonderland" themed party.  She asked if I could make her 120 "Drink Me" tags for the wine glasses.  The theme is from the newer Tim Burton Alice and she has purchased these awesome life size cutouts of the characters from the movie.  I am sure her party is going to be a blast just based on the decorations alone.   I didn't have to ribbon them for her so it was a quick and easy project for me.  I just can't imagine tying all these tags on to the glasses.  Here is a picture of the tags:  I put them on a ring with a red spacer at every 60 tags to help keep them organized.  I believe that they will be tied with turquoise ribbon to match Alice's dress.
I like how they came out.  I made the tag in CraftArtist2 and hand punched them with my Stampin 'Up modern label punch.  The black shadow was cut with MTC.  I just love a project that uses my favorite things.  I hope to get my house in order this week so that I can get started on a Valentine's Day craft. Enjoy what is left of the first 2013 weekend and thanks so much for stopping by.