Sunday, January 6, 2013

The First Crafty Goodness Of 2013!

Hi Everyone,
I wish I could tell you that all the holiday decorations were happily living back up in the attic, but I haven't even started to take them down.  Everyday I make a plan and everyday I get sidetracked in another direction.  Of course the Hubs already got the big giant wreath and all the outside lights down and put away.  He really is the Energizer Bunny!  I, on the other hand had to do a quick project for someone at work who is having a huge "Alice in Wonderland" themed party.  She asked if I could make her 120 "Drink Me" tags for the wine glasses.  The theme is from the newer Tim Burton Alice and she has purchased these awesome life size cutouts of the characters from the movie.  I am sure her party is going to be a blast just based on the decorations alone.   I didn't have to ribbon them for her so it was a quick and easy project for me.  I just can't imagine tying all these tags on to the glasses.  Here is a picture of the tags:  I put them on a ring with a red spacer at every 60 tags to help keep them organized.  I believe that they will be tied with turquoise ribbon to match Alice's dress.
I like how they came out.  I made the tag in CraftArtist2 and hand punched them with my Stampin 'Up modern label punch.  The black shadow was cut with MTC.  I just love a project that uses my favorite things.  I hope to get my house in order this week so that I can get started on a Valentine's Day craft. Enjoy what is left of the first 2013 weekend and thanks so much for stopping by.

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  1. These are fabulous Lysa...I bet your work colleague was thrilled with them! The party sounds fun, hope you got to go :)