Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Valentines Day 2013

Hi Everyone,
I have an oldie but goodie from years ago to share with you today. I am sure you have some version of it in your file stash already, but as you know we file collectors need it all!  Back in 2008 or so I had made a cute little Valentine "purse".  I made so many of them I could make them in my sleep.  I was so proud of the cut out I even uploaded it to the SCAL forum.  People liked it and it is still there today. You can find it at that forum just by searching "Rorysnonna".  So I never had made the file for MTC (which is what I use today along with my ZING) I thought I will just convert it and share it with you all.  Please, I never even added score lines back in the day. And the file was really off, meaning it wasn't quite straight or even.  It just wasn't worth sharing it without bumping it up and fixing it a bit.  I completely remade the file using MTC and the best part was mapping the score lines.  This little bag has a wider bottom, the top narrows just a bit.  Well, thanks to MTC basic shapes I was able to add a trapezoid shape, fit it into position, cut off the top, convert the rest of lines to dashed lines and there you have it, perfect score lines that you can use.  Geee, I love my MTC!!!  Here is a picture of the file:
I have uploaded this file to my mediafire account and if you want the PDF you can find it here:
And for the MTC peeps (my favorite peeps, ever!!) the link is here:
I hope you all have use for this file.  Please feel free to re-size it to your needs. I hope you all find a bit of time in your weekend to get crafty as Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Enjoy your weekend,
EDITED 1/20/13 at 11:30 am
Hi Everyone,
I just saw a line in the .pdf file that was incorrect.  I have made the change and reposted the file.  Thanks so much for understanding when I make an error.

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  1. LOVE it Lysa!! Thanks for converting your old file to MTC for us. This will definitely get some use :) I have a template for hand cutting this sort of bag without the heart cut-out...just plain rounded top with cut-out for the handle. I'm lazy these days...only like to cut with Maxx lol