Saturday, February 25, 2012

If I Could Be A Rag Doll!

Hi Everyone,
As you may know I am trying to finish old projects while working on current ones.  I was determined to make a large photo project using a vintage Rolodex address card holder.  My plan was to make mini digi scrapbook cards of my favorite pictures of Rory.  Instead of starting at the current point in time, I decided to start with her birth.  Wrong move!  As I poured through about 3000 digital photos I noticed that I spent more time saying "Oh my Lord! How cute is she!" OK, so it did not quite pan out as I had planned.  Meaning I started it and never went back to it.  So being inspired by Kris's "Finish it Friday"  I decided I would try to commit to at least 1 Rolodex photo card a week.  So this week I worked on Rory's Halloween 2011 photo cards.  I wanted to use 3 pictures that were taken Halloween 2011.  She looked great in her costume.  I originally used the Stamp'in up Sizzix die to cut the cards.  Now I am using the ZING and its Print N Cut feature and it worked great.  I am still making the photo cards in DSA2 and importing them as a texture into MTC.  Every time I use the ZING I am in awe of how dead on the PnC is!  Here are my pictures for this week.  I also made one 8X10 photo for my cube at work. Please can I say just one more time "Oh my Lord, How cute is she!"

Thanks for visiting and Have a great week end,

Friday, February 17, 2012

100 Down - 100 To Go!

Hi Everyone,
And so the wedding stuff begins. Can you believe I have already made 100 buttons for Adam and Kristen!  Wow, I am moving fast thanks to my ZING.  Pressing them with my Badge a Minit has been easy peasy using the bench press and even though some think it is a tad hard on the hands I have not had a problem.  Working in groups of 25 and using the PnC feature on the ZING has made easy work of it.  So with that said - Once all 200 are made I will move onto how to package them for Donna.  I am thinking that they will be in a basket so she can hand them out to the guests as they begin their run into the park.  For those who didn't know it goes like this ... at Disney with the button on you may get a bit more personal attention from a character or theme park employee (like photo ops) as they know you are there for a celebration.  Donna had thoughts of t-shirts as well. I like the buttons and think they are a fun addition to a day in a Disney park.  When it is all said and done I think that they will look awesome packaged and in a basket for handing out.  I love that kind of favor, you know just a little something something that is there to add to the occasion. Here are my pics for this week and for sure when I figure out the packaging I will post that too.  Have a great President's weekend and get your craft on 'cause St. Pat's is just 'round the corner! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Valentine Favors For Work

Yeah, they are done.  And I even finished them before Friday!  I finished filling them late last night but I am still considering this my "Finish It Friday".  So here they are.....
How cute are these?  I love them, they hold 2 york peppermint patties that are heart shaped.  I followed a video from Angie Kennedy Here is the link:
I don't have the scallop square die from Stamp'in Up so I made one on my Zing. I needed my square a bit smaller so it is only a 4 inch square. I used my Echo Park download of their "Yours Truly" papers for the belly band.  I made the tag in my Serif DS2 and imported it to MTC and did a Print and Cut.  WOW, Huey and me did some crafty goodness for sure!!!  Here are a few more pics:
I can't wait to bring these into work on Valentine's Day.  I posted the file on the MTC boards so if you try to make them and need any help just give me a shout out and I will try to explain the best I can.  Have a great week end and make a Valentine for someone!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hello Kitty! This Year's Valentine's Treat

Hi Everyone,
Rory and I used Kris's "Finish it Friday" inspiration to complete Rory's school Valentine's.  As soon as I got home from work (and while Poppy was making awesome dinner magic)  Rory and I set our sight on finishing up her favor treats for school.  I have to say that Rory did a fantastic job gluing kitty to the background.  She did them all herself.  I gave her a ZIG 2 way glue pen instead of a glue stick.  I was amazed how much easier it was for her to use.  I think the blue color of the glue is what helped.  She seemed to really have control over the glue and no mess at all.  If I remember Elmers made a blue glue stick at one time, but I have no idea if it is still available.  I always have ZIG on hand and now I will gladly share it with Rory.

Now for a few basics ... The print and cut of kitty was of course done with the new ZING.  I have so much success with PnCs now!  I am amazed by how quick and easy they are to do.  I used MTC to make a shadow layer, a quick copy and paste made 2 shadows. I flipped and mirrored one and them welded them to make a base to sandwich the plastic bag into.  I made the tag for the front in MTC and did a PnC as well.  Rory used pop dots to attach them.  We had a great time assembling these.

I did cut all the parts prior so that they were ready to go.  We think the kids are going to like the treats inside, but more importantly Rory and I had a great time sitting together at the craft table.  She told me when she grows up she is going to own a craft store.  I 'bout fell off my chair when she said "and Nonna I'll make you the manager"!  Yup... Just what I need another JOB! Thanks again Kris for the goal setting inspiration.  I already know whats on deck for next Friday!  Have a great weekend everyone.  SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!  GO GIANTS!!!