Saturday, February 25, 2012

If I Could Be A Rag Doll!

Hi Everyone,
As you may know I am trying to finish old projects while working on current ones.  I was determined to make a large photo project using a vintage Rolodex address card holder.  My plan was to make mini digi scrapbook cards of my favorite pictures of Rory.  Instead of starting at the current point in time, I decided to start with her birth.  Wrong move!  As I poured through about 3000 digital photos I noticed that I spent more time saying "Oh my Lord! How cute is she!" OK, so it did not quite pan out as I had planned.  Meaning I started it and never went back to it.  So being inspired by Kris's "Finish it Friday"  I decided I would try to commit to at least 1 Rolodex photo card a week.  So this week I worked on Rory's Halloween 2011 photo cards.  I wanted to use 3 pictures that were taken Halloween 2011.  She looked great in her costume.  I originally used the Stamp'in up Sizzix die to cut the cards.  Now I am using the ZING and its Print N Cut feature and it worked great.  I am still making the photo cards in DSA2 and importing them as a texture into MTC.  Every time I use the ZING I am in awe of how dead on the PnC is!  Here are my pictures for this week.  I also made one 8X10 photo for my cube at work. Please can I say just one more time "Oh my Lord, How cute is she!"

Thanks for visiting and Have a great week end,

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