Saturday, March 3, 2012

200! WOW! I Can Do It!

Yes, Here is another post about the wedding buttons for Adam & Kristen.  I am getting excited as I see them slowly coming together.  I printed, cut and pressed all 200 buttons. So the next step was to package them. I made up a sample for Donna and she like it so we decided to go with it.  Now I love it too but all good things seem to have a bit of a catch.  Little things like we ordered the paper on line.  Sure it said the color was navy.  But when the paper came I didn't like the color.  It looked washed out. So of course, (with family shouting in the background "You're Nuts") I ran the paper through my printer to get the deep navy I needed. Here is picture, You can see the difference:
Now one might think this is an expensive waste of ink, but I buy my ink online and use an after market ink system so really the expense was worth the end result. Here is a picture of the final package.  I LIKE it!

The next time you see these buttons... will be all 200 in a white basket ready for handing out.  I owe this project to my ZING because I completed 200 PnC's  for the button graphic. I cut 200 of the blue button base holders and 200 of the Donald/Daisy toppers(PnC) with my ZING.  That darn machine is amaZING! I can't wait to finish the bow work on these.  I am having a blast just knowing that I can produce 200 of anything.  Thanks for visiting and I will post a picture of the basket as soon as it is done.  Have a great weekend,

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