Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer Dishes - It's All About the Crate!

Hi Everyone,
So here's the thing, I am obsessed with dishes. Yup, it's a down right fetish. I change out my dishes for each season of the year.  I get this from my Mom who always was entertaining family and friends.  Her tablescape was as important as the meal that was on it.  I think I knew how to set a formal table by age 5. Keep in mind my Mom was born in 1917 so let us just say she beats Martha Stewart by years and years.  So I figured I would pass on this tradition to my daughter by giving her a set of summer dishes for Mother's Day for her new home.  Along with a way to display them as well. We love a beach theme with a patriotic flare so I chose a set of Tim Cofey dishes called Pier 45. They are a discontinued pattern but with a lot of searching I was able to put together service for 8. Including some red, white, and blue silverware, napkins and drink ware. Even wine charms that I made.  What I want to highlight is the crate that I decorated.  I created a logo for them and used the thermal laser print transfer technique to transfer the logo to the wooden crate.  Here is a picture of how it came out.
I had so much fun putting this together and Sam loved it.  It was the perfect gift for Mother's Day.  Here is a pic where you can see the wine charms I made a little better as well as the logo. The logo is dated 2016 for the year they married.
I told her she needs to have me over for a crab dinner! I think I deserve it, Don't you? More wine charms on the way for sure and a patriotic necklace too!!  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the warm weather that is finally on its way.