Saturday, August 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Hi Everyone,
I was determined to get a Halloween post up before August ended.  In the past by the end of August I usually have 3 Halloween projects done and am ready to reproduce them on a large scale.  This summer I was so caught up in putting the house back together after the construction that my crafty good time was much less.  Then I got caught up in the whole rubber band thing and I am still in love with the loom! Well at least I have been making some black and orange bracelets.  I have always loved the bread tag shape that was taken from those little plastic tabs that hold the bread bag closed.  For crafting it has been around for a long time and Stampin' Up has re-sparked the trend with a thinlit die in this years catalog.  Of course all the SU peeps are making a box out of it.  I really wanted to make a version that has a narrow base and was cut in one piece.  And as always MTC made quick work of that. Here is my picture of the box I made.  It holds a fun size M&M pack really nicely.
Here is a picture of the .PDF file:
You can download the .PDF file here:

The .MTC file is here:
I hope you like this file and if you do please leave a comment and if you have any questions on this easy peasy box please don't hesitate to ask. Don't forget to check out my other free files by clicking the free file link on the sidebar.
Thanks so much for visiting and enjoy this unofficial last weekend of summer ):

Monday, August 26, 2013

So Many Rubber Bands, So Little Time!

Hi Everyone,
I have one picture for you. I just had to show you all how obsessed we are with the Rainbow Loom.  3 girls and one week and this is what you have. And can I tell you is this does not include the bracelets we have given to our friends (and that was a lot!) Here is the pic:
Wow, that is a lot of bracelets! Check out the barrette I made in the center.  So much fun and a craft that has all the girls in the house talking and working together.  3 generations held together by a simple rubber band, now that's what I call Awesome Crafty Goodness! Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Crafty Goodness In Clear Plastic Pegs!

Hi Everyone,
I know it has been a long time between posts and so much has been happening that it is so difficult to find time to sit down to type!  I almost feel like I am so off grid that there is no getting back. I am happily finding joy in the new craftspace (so much so that I hate leaving the house each morning for the real world of work) but I do because I know it's the paycheck feeds the habit! And here it is the new habit. But wait the name sounds so pretty. It like a song to my ears. Are you ready? It's RAINBOW LOOM. How bad can a habit be if the word RAINBOW is involved?  So this is how it starts, You go to family reunion (which by the way way was AWESOME!) and one of the little peeps has this plastic peg loom that you loop colored rubber band over pegs and you use a crochet hook to lock the rubber bands into a chain.  Simply put you are using basic crochet to make a bracelet.  Ok, so the darn thing has been around since 2011 and even won a CHA innovation award.(How I missed that, I can't explain!)  So the 9 year old love of my life produced a bracelet for me in about 4 minutes flat using the darn thing so I get it in my head that this is the new 2013 version of my lanyard plastic lacing days. Here is a pic of the loom:
OMG, it was love at first sight for me.  I watched a young person teach another young person how to use this little plastic loom and that to me translated to my old camp days. I asked my cousin Peggy where she got it and she told me she picked it up at Shop Rite.  Really! At the supermarket!  It is clear to see I am now living under a rock, not just a rock but a big giant rock.  I was at my Shop Rite last night! I didn't see it. What is going on?  Was I so consumed with looking for what I needed in groceries for the family picnic that I (me, Lysa) looked right past this awesome crafty goodness right at my local supermarket! Sad, I know, but wait I still am truly an INSANE crafter because I sent dear Hubs back to Shop Rite at about 8:30 a.m. on Sunday in search of the thing.  He was back in like 15 minutes with a Rainbow Loom in hand.  I was happy, but not as happy the little girl.  Oh you had to see it.  She pulled it from his hands.  (here is where I get a bit corny as I don't know which was better her opening the box or me watching her open box) The look on her face was beyond anything I could imagine.  Her smile was surly ear to ear.  I never saw a kid open a box so carefully so as not to destroy any content that lay inside the box.  I was in heaven and so was Rory.  So now I get really obsessed, I got a 9 year old who is chomping at the bit to craft and a couple of dollars in my pin money wallet. So what would any insane crafter do.  Why that would be to send the Hubs back to Shop Rite to get me a RAINBOW LOOM of my own!  Yes, sadly it true I needed one too!  OK, so it does not end there.  Now we need a lot of the awesome colored bands.  Here is a picture of that:
 Really is 7200 rubber bands to many for any household to have. Well no because that is just my stash.  Here is the picture of my bands:
ohhhh, look at the pretty colors!!

and here is Rory's stash,

That is like another 7200 bands. Wow, we are ready to make bracelets for sure. You can clearly see we are head over heels in love with the Rainbow Loom.  Here is a close up of some of the bracelets Rory made yesterday:
 If you are looking for a gift for a 8 to 14 year old (or an oldie like me) we (Rory and I) highly recommend the Rainbow Loom as we love our new Awesome Crafty Good tool! Thanks for stopping by and Rory and I are off to make some bracelets.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And Now, Some Awesome Crafty Goodness From the Hubster!

Hi Everyone,
You know I always have a bit of a winded story so I will do my best to keep it on the shorter side. So one day I am talking to my friend Kelly and she says "Have you seen this thing that Costco is selling?  It's like a storage cabinet that attaches to your door hinges!"  "It just hangs behind the door without those silly clips that go over the top of the door. It's called a Cabidoor" I say "No, what it looks like?" and sure enough she had a picture to show me. Here is the picture:
OK, being I was looking for gift wrap storage in the new craftspace I locked on right from the beginning.  That was until I saw the $160.00 price tag.  Not only that when I went online to research it a bit I saw it from Improvements catalog for a whopping $189.00!  Come on its cool and all but $189.00.  You know that is out of my price range for sure.  Than I thought well maybe I would ask the family for it for either a birthday or holiday gift.  I really did like it a lot.  So I showed the Hubs a picture of it and he liked it too.  But like me he thought the $$$ was a tad high.  He looked me in the eye and said "I think I can make it"  Now he really is the kind of guy that wouldn't say it if he thought he couldn't do it. And sure enough, don't you know I get home from work on Friday and he had made it!  I just love it. Here are the pictures of my homemade version of the Cabidoor.
He even made the bracket that attaches the cabinet to the door hinge
I used simple command hooks for my all occasion wrap
I just love how when the door is open (which it almost always is)  you would never know my gift wrap is happily living in a depth of 4 inches.  I am so happy that I am  using that space, in a small room like this no space can be wasted! Paul spent about $36.00 to make this awesome gift wrap storage for me. Here is my SHOUT OUT of thanks to Paul  for making the craftspace even better and for making me one happy crafty camper!  You da best Hubby EVER!!!
Thanks for visiting,