Friday, November 25, 2016

Crafts For My Daughter's Wedding

Hi Everyone,
It sure has been a long time since my last post. As many of you know I have been sick and trying my best to live my life while fighting pancreatic cancer. While it has been a huge challenge I am happy to say I am still here living and breathing.  One thing that help me through to this point was my daughter Sam's wedding.  While I was home on sick leave I did my best to craft as much as I could for the wedding. My intention was to post pictures along the way but it was all I could to to get each project done between my chemo treatments.  I did take cell phone pictures along the way and I thought I would share them with you now that things have settled down.  I will tell you that almost all of the projects were done using CraftArtist2 software.(my favorite)  I used my ZING and Brother Scan n Cut for most the die cutting. The other die cuts like the butterflies were made via my sizzix and the Stampin' Up butterfly die.  All the projects were so huge that I left my craft room for the dining room table.  The house was a hot holly mess for about six months!  All of the paper was ordered from LCI paper in Massachusetts and is Stardream paper in quartz, black and silver.  I got great feedback on the quality and level of all the projects.  So along with a few comments here are the pictures:
I purchased pre-made pockets as the cost was cheaper than if I cut them myself.
I foiled this die cut with my old Provo Your Story laminator.
The printing was all done with a canon laser printer. The corners were done with the SU triple corner punch.  My hand hurt after all the punching!
This quote is from the song they used for their first dance.
I only took one pic, but the peeps loved them! Wish I had a better picture.
I bought them online and the packaging was awful so I needed to change it up.
They looked so much better!
I made a nice banner for the gift table at the shower.
Wish I had a better picture.  The letters are connected with SU butterflies.
These were made with the SU floral bouquet die.


Hershey Nuggets, one of my favs! Sure wish I had better pics!!
I made 65 of them and they are all gone. I should have kept one at the house as a keepsake.
I had so much fun with these!
In lieu of a guest book the bride chose Jenga blocks to be on each table.  The guests wrote a lot of funny things.  This makes for a great keepsake!
The carrier is double sided so there were 12 blocks per table with two pens.  This went over BIG!
BUTTERFLIES: (like crazy)
Butterflies everywhere including the centerpieces.  I made them for the florist and then she attached two per centerpiece.
The florist loved them! I don't have a picture of the centerpieces yet.  I will add it once I get the pics from the photographer.
Oh my are you still with me.
These were changed up from the original design but still I got the look I was going for.  It brought a lot of candle light to the tables when the guests picked them up from the piano and brought them to the tables in the ballroom.

Because there was wine in the wedding favor, we made up these drink cups filled with candy for all of the kids.
A wine a cheese basket complete with cutting board.
Here is a better shot of the cutting board.
We made 75 baskets, here they are wrapped and ready to go.
 It was a bit of a pain getting them to the venue.  We bought boxes from home depot and got 12 into each box.  It was a lot.  I made a few other things as well and these items are just a few of them.  So now that the wedding is behind me it is time to start to focus on a Christmas craft.  I am not sure how it will go as I have returned to work full time and I will have to go back on a full chemo schedule.  Hopefully I will get my Christmas craft mojo going and I will have somethings to post.  Wish me luck and thanks for visiting.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Quiet Craftroom

Hi Everyone,
It has taken me a bit of time to sit down and type a blog post.  The craftroom has been quiet due to the fact that I have been ill. I was just going to let go of the blog as I only really posted as a means of inspiration and never a business but I thought it best that all know what is happening here on my end.  I have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Awful, I know but a new journey still the same.  I have learned so much in the last month that I feel like I could write a book.  There is no need for details and such as I know everyone has been touched in some way by cancer. I just really wanted to take a moment to tell everyone in cyberspace how much I enjoyed posting pictures of the things I have made.  I hope at some point the craftroom will be a buzz again and I will be able to find some crafty good mojo to focus on. After all my new KNK Force cutter has arrived and I want to master that machine.  Thank you all for your visits. Blessings to you all for a crafty good time and a lifetime of happiness and good health.