Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Day Fun

Hi Everyone,
Thanks to Mother Nature we had a snow day this week.  What a fun day Rory and I had crafting some goodies for Valentine's Day.  Now I usually don't put out a lot of decorations for Valentine's or St. Pat's as we do up Halloween and Christmas so big in this house.  I am always looking for a bit of a break before Easter.  Rory has been asking to make a banner, and I thought this was a great opportunity to make one. Mostly because I was thinking if I said no, Rory might suggest we bundle up and go outside to build a snowman.  Not that I have anything against snowmen but it was about 7 degrees outside!  I decided that the banner would be all Rory's ideas.  I let her pick all the paper and shapes.  She even picked the words and did all the assemble too.  Banners are so quick and easy with a digital cutter. We used my ZING and MTC to cut all the pieces.  Rory used the Xyron for all the adhesive.  She loves the Xyron!  Here is a picture of Rory hard at work:

 Here is a picture of the banner once it was completed:
What a great job Rory did.  I keep saying "Rory, your banner is awesome"! and she keeps correcting me saying "OUR banner is awesome"  We had so much fun and just wanted to keep going so we made a few extra paper hearts for the metal Hallmark tree. Here is a picture of that:
I love when Rory comes to play in my craftroom.  I really can see it is just more than quality time with each other.  She is really learning things.  As we were making the banner we discussed color and used math skills for measuring.  We used computer software to created the digital file.  Rory did all the assembly and took time to center the layers.  I let Rory have complete control decorating the mantle so we talked about a center focal point and height balance.  We made that huge red bow out of paper twist (an old time favorite of mine) so she got to untwist the skinny paper rope into wide ribbon and use my old wood bow maker to tie the loops into a bow.  We even took leftover red candy canes and melted them into hearts (235 degree oven for 5 minutes, on parchment paper).  The living room looks very festive and we both agreed it was a job well done.  I hear more snow is on the way next week so maybe, just maybe we will be able to spend more time together getting our CRAFT ON!
Thanks for visiting and have a crafty weekend,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Bread Tag Box

Hi Everyone,
I am so happy to be back posting and I have a cute little box to share for this Valentine's Day.  I went back and forth with what kind of candy to use.  I almost feel weird using nuggets instead of hearts, but at work chocolate hearts are already all over the place.  So in my attempt to be different I went the route of my favorite Hershey Nugget!  I need to make so many of these and I started out with a 4 piece box.  Once I did the math on the price I reduced it to a 2 piece box.  Not that I am a cheapo, but I will most likely be making about 40 of these and to me a 2 piece box just seemed to be a bit more romantic.  So with that said here is a picture of the file:
Here is another picture of the favors:

Such a cutie! I bet a couple of bite size kit kats or some kisses would be perfect in there as well.   I designed this file in CAP2 and did all my cutting with my ZING using MTC.  I just love using CAP2 to design. It really is an amazing and broad software.  Remember there is a free download available at the daisytrail website if you want to check it out.
Here is a link to the PDF file on mediafire:

For my MTC friends the file is here:

I hope you all like this little Nugget holder and leave me a comment if you do.  I hope to get back to posting on a more frequent basis but as you all know life has a way of changing our plans.
Thanks for visiting