Sunday, March 30, 2014

Card In A Box File

Hi Everyone,
Finally a moment to sit down a blog!  We are so busy with family things and work that other things are falling to the wayside.  I just could not let the month of March end without getting a post up.  Here it is! I just love all the "Cards In A Box" that are all over the internet.  Pinterest has page after page of them. I made a digi file for one so that I could make it my own.  Here is a picture of the file:
So Cute!!!! Here is a close up of the card you see above:
I want to make a Halloween themed one next!
Here is the link to the .PDF file:
For my MTC peeps the file is at this link:
I hope you give this card file a try.  I like mine because the top fold over is smaller that the bottom.  Most are equal in size but I think the smaller top makes the card more interesting.  Please leave me some bloggy love by way of a comment if you like the file. Feel free to use and share the file but do try to link back to me.
Have a great day and check back as I am hoping to start getting some Easter goodness going.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crafty Goodness, The Hubs Strikes Again!

Hi Everyone,
Oh wow how weeks do pass! We have all been busy around here watching winter slowly turn to spring.  I must say today is beautiful here in Jersey. The sun is shining, the windows are open and I can hear the high school marching band practicing for tomorrows St. Pat's parade. I thought I would pit stop my blog to show you some pics of the cabinet the Hubs has made me for my ink storage.  He sure is a wiz these days with wood.  I asked if he could copy the ink storage system that is made by Stamp-n-Storage.  I showed him a picture and asked if he could change it up to be taller and narrow to fit the space where my current ink caddy is.  I knew I wanted it to hold a future Stampin' Up collection that I plan to purchase so I asked for 3 columns of 20, thinking that I could work with a total of 60.  I was amazed how great it came out.  Here are some pics I took along the way:
 WOW! he did an awesome job, it looks great and then I told him I wanted it painted black. Really I drive the dude crazy.  I love my SU ink and I mostly use re-inkers as I am not a huge rubber stamper and mostly use ink with sponges to highlight.  I told the Hubs that it would cost $1,000.00 to fill that cabinet with the pad, marker and re-inker. Well, let's just say I won't be placing that order any time soon. In the meantime I painted the cabinet black and hung it on the wall in the craftspace and it looks awesome!! Here is a pic and as you can see it is completely filled just waiting for me to collect more ink!
 I love how the shelves can be moved around. I made 1 box to replace 2 shelves in the first column so a my SU re-inkers are there.  I figure as I buy new pads, re-inkers and markers to complete my SU color collection I can use the shelf for all my other ink pads.  I love this shelf and a huge shout out to the Hubs (Paul) for a great job.  Hope you all are having a great weekend and thanks for stopping by,