Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Last Minute Easter Treat! and a Shout Out too!

So as always I am running behind schedule.  Not because I am so busy mind you.  It's more because I can't pull myself away from the internet and all the crafty goodness it has to offer.  So while browsing the crafty websites I stumble across the frugal crafters blog
Here is her link:
and she has a posting about this you tube video for making homemade bakery string. Here is the video link:
Who would not stop what they were doing to start making homemade bakery string.  Well, OK, so I am one of the few that would.  It's all good though because I like me, I really really like me.  I am over 50. I can pretty much do what I want as long as it's legal. All I really have to do is show up for work and write to the IRS once a year.  I just love this string.  It was kinda like a "should of had a V-8" moment.  And I am not stopping there! No Way, I am going to start dying all kinds of stuff, like seam binding in all my fave Stampin up colors. and ribbon roses too.  I think I will even start buying only white ribbon so I can marker it up in my all time fave Stampin up color - baja breeze. YEAH .... I like it!!! Alrighty then with that said let me move on to the bakery boxes.  I love bakery boxes, I (apparently by my pant size) also love what is inside of the bakery box. So I set my mind to make a box for the crafty good bakery string.  I already had my mini cake box that I have so often used for Rocher candy at the Christmas holiday so a quick rework for size and I was good to go.  The paper is index cardstock from Staples but I took the bunny from Stampin Up's So Sweet stamp set and made it a digi stamp.  Once I printed the paper all that was left to do was to cut them (using SCAL and a cricut), fold them, fill them(yum ...Dove chocolate) and tie them.  So did you know there is a right way to tie a bakery box.  Yep! There sure is and wouldn't you know I have that you tube link too! and here it is:
EDITED ON 6/16/11.

This little project made my day off from work a blast.  I just want to thank the frugal crafter, ukmaryanne and the Crumb Boss for their input to my little bakery box.  Without them I would not be nearly as excited to be bringing the boxes to the family on Easter. 

Happy Easter Everyone, Thanks for visiting,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunnies! Easter Is Here ...

Lindt Bunnies .... they are my fav!  Who could not love a 1 by 1 3/4 inch chocolate bunny?  I have been crafting with this little chocolate bunny for a while and I never once have put him in a basket. Go figure, why would I put this little Easter bunny in a basket? Well this year I did.  I kept the basket as simple as I could because I had so many that I needed to make.  My new habit is printing paper so that just added to the time frame.  I have now become a fan of Stampin Up digital downloads and have added a after market ink system to my HP printer so I feel like I can print my little heart out and not worry about the cost of ink.  Now if only I could just learn to take a decent digital picture of the crafts I make!!!  I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend and blessing to everyone.  Thanks for visiting.  Lysa

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friends Of The Libraries! Volunteers Rock!

I just want to give a shout out to my friend Donna and all of her volunteers at the Friends of the Libraries of Woodbridge.  These volunteers ROCK.  I hope they have a banner book sale this year and make lots and lots of money!!!  These are the favors I made for the team of volunteers that come to help the "Friends" at the sale.  I hope they all enjoy this years little book.  I had a major blast making these but my most favorite part was the bookshelf itself.  Now for my crafty friends I have to tell you all the chipboard for the bookshelf was cut with my cricut using SCAL. The sides and shelves are all three layers of chipboard glued together (using the new xyron of course) and then painted and inked.  I just loved making the bookshelf and it reminded me how much I loved model making when I was younger.  I know it came out great because Paul asked me what was my next chipboard project.  The little books are Tic Tac holders. The paper is home printed digi paper from Stampin Up called Elegant Soiree. The center paper(kinda looks like pages) is my fave K& Company (oh no that's the end of it). I am sure I will find a work around for next year!  I will have to wait to make my next chipboard project because all the Lindt bunnies are talking to me and telling me that I need to get the Easter favors done for this coming Thursday.  Again, I just want to thank Donna for allowing me to contribute to the Friends and the fabulous job that they do. I am already thinking about next years favors.
Thanks for visiting and remember if you are in Woodbridge the last week of April please stop by the Woodbridge main Library to check out their sale.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Look what came to play in my craftroom!  I am so excited!  Craftcritique had offered up this oh so cool xyron 9 inch adhesive runner as a prize for entering a tutorial for any project you have made.  So I posted the diaper cake video from 2007.  AND I won!!  It was so exciting watching the voting for over a week.  Everyone here was glued to the website.  I must say there were so many neat projects and entries.  I voted for Valita's heart couple.  Paul and I have actually made the heart punch couple from her tutorial.  Valita does amazing things. What I love so much about her art is that she shows you how to use punches you own in a different way.  People please the woman can make flowers out of the stampin up owl punch.  Now that is an artist!  I entered my diaper cake video.  To be honest it is the only tutorial I have.  I would love to make more videos and more tutorials.  Maybe I will now.  I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for my video and give a special shout out to my daughter Samantha, and my best girl Nadine, my hubs Pauly and my friend Jason for their constant support, friendship and for putting up with my twisted self.  Thanks again to everyone and to craftcritique too.  I just can't wait to play with xyron runner.  I am blessed to have so many people around me who continually inspire me to keep on crafting.  THANKS TO EVERYONE .....Now go make yourself a diaper cake or CALL ME and I'll make one for ya!