Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not Really A Card Maker ...

...But I just love how these invites came out ....
I was surprised how easy it was to create the template for the base of the card.  I used my KnK studio software to make the file and cut the base with my MTC software.  For the inside I used my DSA2 to make all of the insert cards on the right side and the invitation on the left.  I also used DSA2 for the belly band and cut all the mouse ears with my MTC.  I am all over the place with projects right now, you should see my craftspace. Better yet just have a look at the inside of the invite.

The invite is a 5X5 inch square and the only thing not pictured is the red envelope.  I like the way this invitation came out and it makes me think I should make more cards!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend and let me know if you want any sizes or templates for this card.
... And wait till you see the favors!  They are adorable!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Favorite Sign Of Spring!

Hi Everyone,
For sure my favorite sign of spring is those little Lindt bunnies that appear for Easter.  I use them every year for my Easter treats.  They are the perfect size bunny for creating crafty yummy goodness.  This year is a tiny basket that I based on the Hot Off the Press basket template.  I saw the template online and it was easy to draw it out in my KnK studio software.  The bonus to creating the file is that now I can size it to suit the treat that will go inside.  I cut them with the ZING using MTC, which is so easy to do since I can copy and paste between the two software programs.  I love and use both programs.  I used Stamp'in crumb cake cardstock and punched the handle with my Stamp'in up ribbon punch.  I am still on a kraft color kick that hit me at Christmas, so no pastels this year.  I like natural tones here for the basket and I think the gold bunny looks cute along side the browns.  I only have a bit of brown bakery string so I not to much ribbon work on the basket.  I like the way they came out and I hope to get enough done so that I can take some to work as well as have some for our family's Easter dinner table.  Now I just have to get them made before I start eating the little guys.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Saint Pat's 2012

Hi Everyone,
I finished these little goodies just in time to bring to work tomorrow.  I am off on Friday (yeah) and I have been so busy with other projects but I had to have a little something for work.  I took my pattern from the Stamp'in Up double pocket that is going around only I made it smaller.  Mine is a 4 1/2 inch square.  It holds a chocolate coin on each side.  So simple and just what I needed for this quick little treat! I hope everyone at work enjoys their little treat and I can't wait for my three day weekend to finish up the wedding buttons and catch up on a few things around the house.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

200! WOW! I Can Do It!

Yes, Here is another post about the wedding buttons for Adam & Kristen.  I am getting excited as I see them slowly coming together.  I printed, cut and pressed all 200 buttons. So the next step was to package them. I made up a sample for Donna and she like it so we decided to go with it.  Now I love it too but all good things seem to have a bit of a catch.  Little things like we ordered the paper on line.  Sure it said the color was navy.  But when the paper came I didn't like the color.  It looked washed out. So of course, (with family shouting in the background "You're Nuts") I ran the paper through my printer to get the deep navy I needed. Here is picture, You can see the difference:
Now one might think this is an expensive waste of ink, but I buy my ink online and use an after market ink system so really the expense was worth the end result. Here is a picture of the final package.  I LIKE it!

The next time you see these buttons... will be all 200 in a white basket ready for handing out.  I owe this project to my ZING because I completed 200 PnC's  for the button graphic. I cut 200 of the blue button base holders and 200 of the Donald/Daisy toppers(PnC) with my ZING.  That darn machine is amaZING! I can't wait to finish the bow work on these.  I am having a blast just knowing that I can produce 200 of anything.  Thanks for visiting and I will post a picture of the basket as soon as it is done.  Have a great weekend,