Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And Now, Some Awesome Crafty Goodness From the Hubster!

Hi Everyone,
You know I always have a bit of a winded story so I will do my best to keep it on the shorter side. So one day I am talking to my friend Kelly and she says "Have you seen this thing that Costco is selling?  It's like a storage cabinet that attaches to your door hinges!"  "It just hangs behind the door without those silly clips that go over the top of the door. It's called a Cabidoor" I say "No, what it looks like?" and sure enough she had a picture to show me. Here is the picture:
OK, being I was looking for gift wrap storage in the new craftspace I locked on right from the beginning.  That was until I saw the $160.00 price tag.  Not only that when I went online to research it a bit I saw it from Improvements catalog for a whopping $189.00!  Come on its cool and all but $189.00.  You know that is out of my price range for sure.  Than I thought well maybe I would ask the family for it for either a birthday or holiday gift.  I really did like it a lot.  So I showed the Hubs a picture of it and he liked it too.  But like me he thought the $$$ was a tad high.  He looked me in the eye and said "I think I can make it"  Now he really is the kind of guy that wouldn't say it if he thought he couldn't do it. And sure enough, don't you know I get home from work on Friday and he had made it!  I just love it. Here are the pictures of my homemade version of the Cabidoor.
He even made the bracket that attaches the cabinet to the door hinge
I used simple command hooks for my all occasion wrap
I just love how when the door is open (which it almost always is)  you would never know my gift wrap is happily living in a depth of 4 inches.  I am so happy that I am  using that space, in a small room like this no space can be wasted! Paul spent about $36.00 to make this awesome gift wrap storage for me. Here is my SHOUT OUT of thanks to Paul  for making the craftspace even better and for making me one happy crafty camper!  You da best Hubby EVER!!!
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  1. This is definitely BRILLIANT Lysa!! What a clever hubby you have :) Fantastic use of an otherwise wasted space...and perfect for the gift wrapping and other bits & pieces. Hope you are getting some crafty time in your new space now. Isn't it a shame we have to work!! Life shouldn't be allowed to get in the way of our crafting lol
    Big hugs to you xx
    PS How's the Matilda buying going? Did you find out about the shipping? Probably gave you a horrible shock! I can't understand why it's so darn expensive to ship between our countries :(

  2. OMGosh I love this homemade version!! Like you I would never spend that much money on it, but your hubby made it at the prefect price! Now I need to show my hubby so I can see if I can get him to make me one! lol

  3. Is there any chance that your super talented Hubby would share instructions on how to make this awesome bit of goodness?