Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Favorite Craft'n Buddy

Hi Everyone,
I have been nothing but busy for what seems like months.  I turn around and here we are at the end of July.  Really, summer is so O-V-E-R!!  I know what August brings, it's all about back to school and beginning to notice that the sun is setting earlier and earlier each day.  I haven't even spent much time outside this year with all the cleaning an rearranging that went on inside.  When I am not at work I am trying to put the ole' homestead back together in time for the Fall season.  I have been trying to play in the new craft room so that I can get my crafty mojo going in time for Halloween.  New space, new mojo!  I did spend an awesome evening in the craftspace with my all time most favorite craftn't buddy last night.  Oh come on you know it was the dear granddaughter.  What Nonna wouldn't love a chance to play with her #1!  So here is how it went.  My friend Donna who is a major library volunteer has been keeping Rory in books since she has been four years old.  Lots and lots of books!  Donna knows just the right age appropriate book for any given age.  Donna even gets us prepared for the school's summer reading list.  I am telling you Rory's home library is awesome.  Now my friend Donna who is a co-worker is leaving my office (thankfully for bigger and better things) and it was time for Miss Rory to do something a bit more than her normal thank you.  In my conversation with Donna (who is a true book lover) it kind of came around to how much she love bookmarks (I have even made one for her).  It was easy to see that Donna would love and treasure a bookmark that Rory made.  So Rory and I set out to do just that.  Now, I am a self proclaimed control freak (and everyone who knows me knows it) .  So being that seems to be a problem I decided that I would take pictures of Rory making the bookmark so that everyone would know it was all her and I had little to do with it.  I did this because when Samantha (her Mom) was in Kindergarten and she submitted her battery powered motor into the science fair and none of the Judges believed that a 5 year old could make that type of motor herself, they disqualified her submission.  OK, so that was the right thing to do as there were no pictures of Sam making the motor (that would be, because I built it while she was sleeping and I didn't feel the need to wake her when she had to go to school in the morning) Really, I am kidding, well not really OK! Don't judge me, you know you did things like that too!  Enough, here are the pictures of Rory working hard on her gift to Donna.  I swear the only thing I did was plug in the laminator.
And here is her finished gift:
   Came out great and we can't wait to give it to Donna!  Rory is welcome in my craftspace anytime, it is only one door away from her room now and I am glad there is a space in this house that has all kinds of crafty good supplies to inspire someone to create something.  I am also glad I have a friend like Donna who travels through her life inspiring people by handing them a book so that they can take their imagination for a ride.  Thanks Donna, I am going to miss you in the officespace!
Thanks to you all for visiting,


  1. Rory did a fabulous job on the bookmark and the card!! I think it is so cool that Donna kept Rory in books!! I so love books myself and love that they can take me on a journey without ever leaving home. I get lost in books and read quite a bit. It used to get me in trouble cause I wouldn't hear my mom call me. lol I still get lost in my books. lol

  2. Wow Lysa...there's a mini-you in the making :) Rory is going to take after her Nonna and create lots of beautiful projects by the looks of this! Great job on the bookmark & card. I'm sure Donna will treasure it, knowing Rory made it all by herself. I love books (and bookmarks) but sadly I don't get much reading time these days. I hope my eyes are still working well when I get to retirement so I can lose myself in a few good books once again!!
    Hugs xx