Monday, July 8, 2013

More Pictures Of The Craftspace

Hi Everyone,
Box after box, bag after bag, I am hauling supplies in to the new craftspace. I am now finding it funny as I am in the garage rooting through boxes.  I take something from one box, something from another and now all I have is a bunch of half filled boxes.  I am making headway and I have some pictures to share but I am now seeing clearly that all the crafty good stuff from downstairs is not going to fit into this room.  I am not sure how I will deal with the "left overs" yet but I am sure that I now can see what I did right and wrong when I planned this room.  What I did right was easy. I knew I needed a large working counter top. I knew I wanted narrow shelving above it for easy access to supplies I reach for all the time. I knew I wanted the shelving to be tall so that the out of reach area could be used for some decorative things.  I was successful with drawers.  I knew I wanted a lot of drawer storage. My score with the bins from Lowes worked out great.  I even started to label everything and I think the label came out great. Here is a picture:
I still have 11 more to label.  The units are filled I just haven't gotten to them yet. Not to waste any space, look what is hiding behind the 5 shelf unit by the door,
Yup, that's my crafty good mat storage for my digital die cutter.  A simple hook attached to the frame of the shelves with a zip-tie and all my cutting mats are in one place.
The Billy bookcases worked out well too.  I love my paper behind the glass and having everything on a shelf with easy access it just awesome.  They filled up quick and if I only had the space I could have used 2 more!!  Here is what they are looking like now:
Wow, they are maxed out and I still have a lot of crafty good stuff in the garage.  I wanted to keep the top of of the shelf for decorative things but all the drawers, baskets, and cigar boxes are filled with supplies. But I did save room for my camera collection. Here is a shot of that action:
 One would think a person with all these cameras could take some really cool pictures. Oh well, I am working on it.  See my Singer sewing table drawers?  Yup, that leads me to what I have done wrong. I love that table and since I couldn't fit it in the room, I brought in just the drawers. No worries I can re-attach them with ease as they just screw right back on.  The home office worked out and Paul even added a TV.
I love this space because I am away from the craft area.  It worked out just fine and I have a bit more work to do on it.  The other thing I did wrong was that there is no closed closet space.  I traded that for the home office area.  Now you all know some craft supplies are just a hot mess and with no door to hide them behind I am finding that a bit rough.  Also I really could have used a small bookshelf just for books and magazines.  I collect a lot of  media like manuals and such and I forgot to account for them.  Another other thing I missed was my gift wrap storage.  I am a huge gift wrap fanatic and I would have loved a gift wrap area or at least some dedicated storage. All in all I am on cloud 9 and am happy with all the work we put in to the 3 rooms. I know all of us are so happy with our new space and I am going to keep on rolling toward finally getting back to crafting. Thanks for visiting and hope to be back soon with a project instead of room redo pics.


  1. It will be nice to see a crafty project Lysa but I'm enjoying seeing all the make-overs too :) Your room is coming along brilliantly! Bummer about the "leftovers"...never mind, we all have those things we're not quite sure what to do with but don't want to part with either lol It's a shame you don't have a cupboard to hide them away in but I'm sure you'll come up with a solution eventually. I really love the repurposed closet office, I think that's a wonderful idea. What a lovely, obliging hubby you have (I'm lucky to have one like that too) :) He's done a great job with your fittings and fixtures.
    Looking forward to seeing your wall art....thought that Zing might be put to use before anything else :)
    Hugs xx

  2. I am loving how your room is coming together! I know we all make mistakes when planning out our rooms, things we forgot about, things we have to trade off for something else, etc...But you room is looking awesome! I love everything so far. I'm sure you will work things out and as fun as it would be seeing a new project I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all these rooms come together!!!