Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fun With Putty, I Like It!

Hi Everyone,
 So here I am in the new craftspace and I have been itch'n to get my craft on.  Right before I went off grid for the room redo I had bought some "Amazing Mold" putty from Hobby Lobby.  I never really got to play with it because I had to pack up all my supplies for the room change over.  So I thought it only fitting that I pull that off my crafty shelf to give it a try.  This putty is so cool, all you do is take equal part of the two compounds and mix them together.  Then you can press any shape you like into it to create a mold of the item.  There are hundred of youtube videos of  how people use it to create silicone molds of things.  I was fascinated and had to get some for myself.  I am so glad I did. The Amazing Putty was so easy to use and the result was, well AMAZING! It was simple to use, you take the equal parts of the two compounds, 1 part is white and the other is yellow. Just kneed them together until the colors are blended. Make a little mound and press a shape like a charm into the putty. Here are some pictures I took along the way:

 The working time on this putty is about 3 minutes to mix and it takes about 20 minutes to set up once you have pressed your item into it. I used the Stampin' Up simply pressed clay but you can use any air dry clay like Martha Stewart or even crayola clay.  You can even fill these molds with hot things like candle wax or UTEE. I see a lot of crafters use cold cure epoxy resin to make awesome charms and buttons.  Another bonus is that this product is food safe and can be used to mold things like ice, chocolate or butter.  Just be sure not to use the same mold for a food product that you have already used for a craft product.  I dusted my little scully with some perfect pearls and he is just to scary cute.  Next time I try it I will press the metal charm in a bit deeper so that I can get a better impression of the crossbones.  Also I will even off the clay so that I won't have all that extra to trim off.  This is why I love to play with supplies, it all about the playtime!  I found Amazing mold putty at Hobby Lobby for  $19.99, with my 50% coupon it was $10 bucks well spent. I have a feeling I will be carrying a little container of this around with me. I can see me on the beach pressing seashells and such.  Check out Youtube for some great videos and I am sure you will want to play with this putty too.  Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.


  1. What interesting stuff! lol I didn't realize that this putty made the mold, until I kept reading. lol Makes sense since it says "mold putty". lol Might have to check this stuff out! Thanks for the step by step look! Glad you got to play a little in your new craft room!!

  2. Welcome back crafty Lysa :) Amazing (pun intended lol) that your post is about moulding putty!! I've been watching YouTube videos and reading instructions for making doll shoe lasts. You make the mold from the doll's feet so you can fit shoes on the last as you make them. I haven't decided whether I'd manage doll shoes yet, I have a bit of a stand-off with glue!!!! We don't seem to get on very well :) I can't get the Amazing brand putty here but there's a similar product that I might try. It looks like it would be lots of fun to play with for lots of things.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs xx

  3. I've ordered some of the putty, pouring resin, etc to have a play with this Lysa. It should be here today :)
    Did you get the email I sent last week?? Thanks for your lovely comments on the dolls. Can you shoot me an email from the "email me" tab on the blog so I can answer all your questions :) Maybe I have the wrong email addy for you? That way I can reply to your email and know it will get there!
    My daughter is like Rory....she's over 6 feet tall and has been since high school. She used to tower over nearly everyone, including a lot of the teachers lol
    Hugs xx
    PS Feel free to delete this comment once you've read it...just wanted to make sure you got my message :)