Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Valentine Quickie!

Hi Everyone,
Valentine's Day is upon us, I know this because I walked into Walgreen's today and just about everything was red and pink. O.K. so my Christmas tree is still glowing in the living room.  It's all good though because this weekend I am going to do nothing but put Christmas away.  So I thought if I got my blog post done tonight I could spend the next 3 days cleaning! So this is a quick post to send this cute little Tic Tac holder for Valentine's Day file your way.  This little box will hold a Tic Tac container perfectly. You could even use it for some fun size candy bars as well.  Here is a picture of the file:
This is a quick and easy file because if you use a digital cutter you don't have to hand score.  You can download the .pdf file here:
And for MTC peeps the link is here:
I hope you like this little quickie, feel free to alter the file to suit your need.  I am sure with little effort you can remove the heart and add any shape topper you would need for any occasion.  Thanks for stopping by and please check back soon as I ordered these adorable mini Avon lip glosses that I plan to give to the work peeps for Valentine's Day.  I can't wait to get them so I can see the size and start to plan the package.
Have a great weekend (you know I will be cleaning!)


  1. I just knew you'd come up with something fabulous for Valentine's Lysa...these are gorgeous. I'll have to go and buy some tic-tacs now so I can make some of these :) Thanks so much for the file.
    Hope your cleaning went well...yucky job...we'd much rather be crafting than cleaning lol

  2. Thanks for the file! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a Christmas tree still up.