Sunday, September 29, 2013

Birthday Smiles!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick check in to say Hi! We have been so busy here at the homestead I hardly have a moment to sit down.  First off the house is decorated for Halloween! I tried my best to thin it out a bit by only putting out my all time fav Halloween stuff!  Well it didn't work because every time I saw a corner I was back in the attic grabbing something to fill the space. While it does seem to look the same from year to year I still stand back and say "oh I love how that looks!"  Here is a shot of the bay window in the living room:
and the mantle:
All I can say is at least I have done away with the bales of hay and most of the faux foliage. Well since the homestead looked so nice we thought we would have the family over for Rory's birthday.  It was a great time. I had to make a little favor for the occasion (something simple as time was not on my side) Here is a pic of the favors:
Don't you love the tag line! Rory's 10 and you thought Halloween was scary!  I used Stampin' Up witches brew paper and the bread tag thinlet to create a fold over for a single Ghirardrlli chocolate.  Where those 10 years went I cannot tell you (Oh, but mirror in my bathroom sure can, can you say CROWS FEET!) We had a great celebration and today I thought it would be great to just sit and play. I thought I would play with some of the pictures that were taken yesterday.  When I saw a picture of Sam and Rory that was taken it reminded me of a picture I had from Rory's first birthday.  I wanted to bring them together on a digi page and here it is:
Surely the crows feet on my face are worth their weight in gold. I love these 2 girls more than anything and I wish for them that those beautiful smiles are on their beautiful faces everyday of every year of their lives. I use CA2 to create this page. Gee, I love that software!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all are getting your Halloween on.


  1. Love your festive decorations!! The goodie bags look great and I love your digital layout!! I know, where does time go?!! My grand-kids are growing way to fast as my kids did. I'm not ready for "old". lol But ready or not it is coming fast!!! I don't mind the crow's feet to much because it means we have smile/laughed a lot!! lol And with raising 6 boys, I needed something to laugh at!

  2. Oh wow Lysa, the house looks awesome! Love the photos of your's lovely to have the 1st & 10th birthdays side by side :) My grandbabies have also grown so fast...definitely scary stuff!! Off to catch up on your other posts I've been too busy to come and see lately!!