Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nothing Says It's Over . . . Like A Covered Pool!

Hi Everyone,
I know, I Know you all don't want to hear my end of summer rant. Everyone has been back to school for weeks. Vacation time is a dwindling memory. It's gone, It's O-V-E-R and has been for about a month.  No, Peeps, for me it ain't over till the pool cover is on! And sadly that happened this weekend.  No more crank'n the heater and watching the steam rise up to the cold air. It's done. Wait here is my sad face     ):
So just like that it is Fall, geeeze you guys it was 80 degrees yesterday here in Jersey! Here is my sad, sad picture:

True leaves are falling every which way and acorns are a plenty so the squirrels are happily enjoying their full belly's.  The house is glowing in all its orange glory and I have been working on Halloween favors.  We had a fantastic birthday celebration for Rory last weekend and a good time was has by all. So now we can really focus on the fall season and I can really start to work on Rory's costume for this year. Mummy! we are going mummy this year. Gothic of course!  The costume is in the house but it needs work. Mostly because she will freeze in it.  Samantha and I have our heads together about how to warm her up a bit.  Let's just say we will be buying lots and lots of gauze and doing some tea dyeing.  I also made my breast cancer butterfly for this years luncheon and here is a pic of that:
This graphic will be used for cupcake toppers and I will add the team logo before I go to print.  I made it using CA2 (as always) I have a tag line that I will format in a circle to go around the outside of the butterfly. I will post a pic when they are on the cupcakes.
And my big news is that the Brother Scan n Cut is coming to play in my craftspace. I hope to have it this coming week.  I also hope I have a lot to say about it.  Here is a picture of the cm550dx that is available from Brother sewing machine dealers:
 Now I need another cutter like I need a hole in my head but I am a Brother fan to start with so I had to have this baby.  I have to tell you it was not easy to buy.  There are 2 models available. This is the one that is available through a sewing machine dealer.  Go figure, all the quilters are now going to be cutting fabric with a machine (you go, Quilters!).  Me, I am hoping this is the answer to all my print and cut issues.  I could not find a dealer in Middlesex County, NJ so we had to take a bit of a trip. I paid in advance for a cutter that I never even saw work. (you go, Lysa! Let's just hope this is not another Cricut Imagine disaster!) Time will tell and let's just thank heaven that the Hubs did not file for divorce!! Stay tuned because I plan on trying to see if this cutter will play nice with my CA2 and MTC software.
I hope you all are having a great weekend and thanks for visiting!


  1. I'm so sad to see summer go too Lysa! It was almost 90 here yesterday and Friday and boy I was wishing the pool was still open, but sadly we just closed it before it got hot again. Almost 90 in Oct?!!! Crazy!!! Told DH last night at summer that I could have gotten in the pool these past 2 days and he laughed saying he could too. lol We do not have a heater on our pool and so wish we did, but the nights have been too cool and the water was way to cold for these old, arthritic bones. So until next year! I hope to that your new machine will not be another Cricut Imagine disaster!!! I also love your breast cancer image. Believe it or not I was going to do one similar for Lupus because we have the butterfly for Lupus because of the butterfly rash across the nose and cheeks looking like a butterfly. Have fun getting Rory's costume ready!!! You are a lucky grandma to have your grand-daughter in your home!!! What fun!!!

  2. Oh Lysa thank you for your offer and yes I would love that!!! You are amazing my friend!!! Hugs!

  3. We closed ours a week ago. Never got to use it this year. Sandy did a number on our pool, so we had to drain the entire thing, clean it out real good & then re-fill. I couldn't help DH as my back is bad. We really didn't have much summer here in OH, either rainy or too cold. I want to move south!!! I feel your pain!

  4. Hi Brenda,
    So glad you got the files. I removed your email addy from above so it isn't just hanging out in cyber space. Please show me a picture of how you use the graphic if you end up making something.

  5. I live in Middlesex County too. I always wanted an Imagine, never did get one. I bought a Cameo just for the print and cut, but the registrations marks and that wonky intact system of I too bought the Brother SNC...and I am loving it.