Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time To Look Back

So now I find myself in somewhat of a crossroad.  I had wanted to use this blog as a diary of craft projects. The treat favors that I make throughout the year.  The Halloween treats, the Easter treats, Christmas and Valentine's as well.  I think I mostly wanted to catalog the things that I have made so that family and friends could see what I was doing at any given moment in time.  I had no intention to be a business or even make vids of techniques.  I simply needed a digital format to post what I was doing at any given moment.  So as I was stumbling through the internet I came across a familiar name in the crafting industry.  Understand this is not someone I have ever met but a someone I have enjoyed watching and have learned tips and tricks from over the years.  Her name is Sandi Genovese.  I will so put her in a class with Carol Duvall and believe me she is in good company.  Back in the day when I was a stay at home Mom these were my crafty gurus that really made me not just a happy crafter but a super crafty PTA Mom.  I shared everything I learned from these gals. I am not just a better crafter but a fuller more experienced person because of what I have learned from them. Please know these are just two names in the industry that have taught me and brought me to where I am today.  OK enough of the mushy stuff. Sandi has a new internet show and it is fab.  Here is the link www.scrapbookshowgram.com
So while watching her technique vids I come across this rolodex project.  It was love at first sight.  Sandi was using a address rolodex to catalog a year.  I so fell in love with this project of hers that I was laying in bed at night thinking how I could put my own personal spin on this cool project.  Really it was pure inspiration. You all should go check out what this artist did with a rolodex.  OK, back to me. So here is the thing. I am a Nonna, yes the Grandmother. So somehow in the past seven years I have taken 4 yes 4 thousand pictures of my granddaughter. Oh my that's 4,000!!! YES I have printed many, they are pretty much everywhere!  In the house, at the job, wallet, car, nightstand, etc.  you know they are everywhere. but now I want some form of a quick reference of my favs.  Enter Sandi's great idea.  So I spent about 3 weeks looking for a vintage rolodex file and came up with the "Rolodex V file"  I began by cutting the dividers and labeling them by year with vinyl writing that I cut with my cricut using MTC.  I haven't stopped talking about this project at work and I even left  message for Sandi on her blog telling her how excited and inspired I was.  So this week I really got started and I am loving the journey of selecting and printing all these great pics of Rory.  Jumping from 2003 to present, viewing, picking and choosing all the great pictures and watching her grow from birth to present day has been awesome.  I tell you this because I am so into this project that I just may be blowing off a lot of my normal crafting and I will probably be posting some pics here and there as well.  Did I mention that I bought the Stampin Up Sizzix die so that cutting the pics has been a breeze.  I am using Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 to make the mini digi scrapbook cards.  I hope you all follow as I dive feet first into this awesome project that will most likely take me a year to complete.  Here are my first pics.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

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