Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just Checking In

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick post to say I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  The family took a trip to visit our Massachusetts family.  We got home and sure enough autumn has hit New Jersey.  All of us here are busy busy busy!  We have had all the "fun" of back to school, and we have all the Halloween decorations up.  We also have celebrated Rory's birthday (about 3 times). We have even had some crafty goodness happening.  Along with some Halloween crafty fun.  Samantha and I put together an awesome gift basket donation for a breast cancer fund raiser that the office she works in was donating (pic to follow as it is on my phone). Sam works for an oncologist and the basket was the office donation for an annual fund raiser.  Today we made some cupcake embellishments for a staff luncheon this coming week.  Above is the graphic we used for the cupcake tags. I made it in inkscape and used MTC to export it as an png file. I used my DSA2 to add text.  The tags were punched out and attached to toothpicks for the cupcakes.  Hopefully I will be here when Sam assembles the cupcake platter so I can snap a picture of the tags.  Now that I am done with that I hope to start banging out some Halloween projects before the holiday is here and gone.  If you want the svg or MTC file for the butterfly leave me a comment on how to contact you and I will send it off to you. Thanks for visiting, Lysa

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