Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Love UTEE, and Love Hurts!

Hi Everyone,
This is a blog post that would require an alternative title! Let's give that a try ....
"Always follow manufactures instructions" or
"Don't do this" or
Mom said " If you play with fire, you will get burned"
Then I thought I might make a list of the craft supplies that my hubs has taken away because of minor side trips to the ER like the scroll saw, the power stapler, the nail gun, the toaster oven, the Bunsen burner, the Xacto knife etc. . . . (easy to see why I am a papercrafter now!)
So anyway I have a project that involves a brick and I am looking for a way to preserve a little sliver of this brick into a key chain bezel. (you will understand at some point when I get to that project). Well I start doing some artsy research so that I can decide if I want to use air dry (cold cure) resin, UV cure resin or some sort of acrylic.  I remembered in my craft supplies I had UTEE. You know that Ultra-Thick-Embossing-Enamel. Guess what?  I had 2 (not 1) but 2 un-opened jars just sitting waiting for me to play with.  Yup . .  here is a picture:

OK, so how funny is that, I didn't even open the first jar and I felt the need to buy a second. That is just so Lysa!  Stop it now because you and I both know you are just like me!!  I bet I used a coupon on both so hey it was like 2 for the price of one. I also have a large collection of bottle caps.  Who doesn't like to use them for a quick embellishment on card and such.  I even save the real ones from parties.  I also had a lot of left over graphics from the kids Valentine favors so I thought a great experiment would be to make a little bottle cap magnet for Rory. Oh! but wait I don't have a melt pot, Ummmmm let me think, oh I do have a coffee mug warmer (here is the first warning Don't and by that I mean DON'T do this) I'll just see if that will melt the UTEE and hey I am good as gold! but wait (brain cells in full motion) I am not only going to embed the graphic into the UTEE, I am going to embed the magnet too! Who wants to glue a magnet to the back of this cool bottle cap. Wow, I love being crafty!  Here are some pictures of the set up.
Looks good, right? Yeah No! See the little neo magnet? Well, it stuck to the platten of the warmer so tight and when you couple that with picking it up to soon you get this:
OUCH!!!!!!!! (and you should see it a week later!ughhhhh!)
People, do not do this! It hurt. Pouring melted plastic across your fingers is . . . well . . . just not awesome crafty goodness!
(here comes the goodness)
After jumping around the room, along with a cold water rinse, lots of words that I won't say here I got right back on the "horse" and made Rory this magnet (which, by the way she loves!).
In conclusion, UTEE, is awesome crafty goodness and it is only user error that creates a problem.  If you want to use this great product take the time to learn and purchase the right supplies.  With proper care you will have no crazy accidents.
Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to start showing you my "brick" project.

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  1. Oh Lysa, I hope your hand is all better real soon...burns are such nasty things :( Pure essential lavender oil is great for healing burns if you have any. Just rub it all over the area.
    Can't wait to see your brick project, you have me stumped lol Your magnet turned out great.