Sunday, November 3, 2013

Digi Halloween - This Year & Last Year.

Hi Everyone,
Wow, Halloween is behind us and I must say we had an awesome one.  All the kids in town looked great and the day was perfect for the parade and for trick or treating.  I think the temp topped out close to 70 degrees! So today is the day to start packing up all the black and orange Halloween things and start to get the house ready for Santa's arrival.  I was able to take time to sit down and get my digi-scrap on and got Rory's yearly Halloween picture done.  Easy Peasy with CraftArtist 2! I went a bit scary this year, which is unlike me but Rory did look scary so it seemed to work. I really get a kick out of seeing last year side by side with this year.  It is fun to see how Rory has changed. CA2 made it so easy to crop Rory from pictures and place her in a different background.  Here is the picture:
ohhh, Scary! Sam did a fantastic hair and makeup job. There are 9 Rorys in the picture. Can you see them all.  My favorites are the one in the upstairs right window and on the roof. She really did look scary with all that paint on her face. So not like last year:
I really think Rory liked being something scary and I can't wait to see what she chooses next year.  I will say that since I am not a very good photographer I had a hard time with her ivory colored costume.  In the house on the black sofa the contrast popped well but out side it was difficult to capture her well. Even when I sat down to scrap I found it hard to come up with a solid background that worked.  Both picture were made in CA2 and as always I can't say enough how awesome the software is.  I always tell peeps to check out the free version at the DaisyTrail website. I am off to start the big pack up and today is the NYC marathon so in this house that means soup!!! Yup. every year the marathon kicks off soup season in this house and the first is a batch of potato cheese soup (yummy)! We all watch the marathon while I make soup.  It's just one of those silly family traditions we have been doing for years. Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by,

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  1. Wow Lysa, your layout is amazing! Yes Rorry did look very scary and your haunted house was perfect to show case her costume! It was warm here too for Halloween. I love your family traditions and love that soup you made! You are such a great grandma! Hugs!