Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not 1 but 2 Crafty Good Things!

Hi Everyone,
I have interrupted my Halloween stars, but for good reason.  First, my friend Donna is having a Birthday! Yup, and it is a biggie( I just won't say which birthday) but she sure deserved a special card this year.  Now, Donna is heading off to Disney for a big celebration to mark the special day so I thought a Disney card was in order.  I have been lovin' making the cards in a box so I set out to make a Disney themed card in a box. Here is what I came up with:
I really had a blast making this card. I got all those images from cricut manuals because back in the day (meaning like '06 or '08) silly Provocraft published all the manuals as .pdf for download.  I still have them all and use them all the time.  I use CAP2 to make all the graphics, right down to the hat with Donna's name.  I mirrored all the images so that the card looks as good from the back as it does from the front.  Here is a picture of the back.

After printing, all the die cuts were cut with my Brother Scan N Cut.  Which does a really nice job as long as you are making cuts with the white border.  Cutting on the line in "Direct Cut" mode is short of perfect (because there is no negative offset) so I chose to use the white border. I left some space on the back to write a small birthday wish to Donna. I gave her the card and she loved it!! All her fav Disney friends can't wait till she hits the road for Florida.  Her Son and DIL work for Disney so it is always a special time when she visits!  Happy Birthday Donna!! Thanks for all you do for so many!  We all love you lots!!!!
So, while I am on the computer visiting forums, pinterest and the like I stumble upon a Tear Bear.  Really, How the heck did I miss these cute little guys.  Well, that is easy to answer.  I was never really a scrapbooker.  I took one look at these little cuties and said to myself . . . "Self, you gotta make one of those"  So I did. I placed a small order for Mulberry paper with The Mulberry Bear.  You can find her on her ebay shop or at What a pleasure it was buying from her. I was so excited how my first bear came out I just has to show you all.  Here is a picture:
I am told few crafty peeps are making these now a days, but I can tell you I will be making more.  I fell in L-O-V-E!  I made my pattern in CAP2 and exported the page to a pdf file.  I then used that file with my ZING to cut an acetate report cover.  At first I was tracing around the cut plastic and then I realized to use the negative as a stencil. I can see I need some practice on the face and the shading but for a first try I was a happy crafty girl. The mulberry paper is an awesome medium and I was happy to add it to my crafty stash. As usual I have to go from 0 to 60 so my next plan is a black cat with a witch hat! Take a peek on Pinterest to see some awesome Tear Bears and consider trying to make one. There are many cute critter patterns available for purchase online. With that said it is back to Halloween!  Thanks for visiting,


  1. Wow Lysa, your Disney box card is amazing!!! You are so smart on how to do this stuff like with the Cricut images. I wouldn't have a clue as where to start. lol I am loving the tear bear too! You did an amazing job for the first one! OMGosh I so remember when everyone was doing these. I never did jump on that wagon but I sure do love them. Mine probably wouldn't look as cute as your does. lol Glad to see both of these fabulous projects! Hugs, Brenda

  2. I bet your friend LOVED the Disney card in a box! It's fantastic Lysa :) And that little tear bear is adorable....I might have to drag myself out of papercraft retirement to try making one lol I think you did a GREAT job with the face and shading....looks like a pro job to me!
    Hugs xx