Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mets Themed Baby Shower - The End!

Hi Everyone,
I am going to keep this as short and sweet as possible.  Oh my, I am so glad these favors are done. Not because I didn't enjoy making them, but because my Stampin Up holiday order arrived and I did not want to open the box until the favor boxes were done.  I have more pictures than words so lets get on with that. When I last posted I had made the 80 box bases.  There was still so much more to do.  I started by prepping the tops. I cut and scored clear plastic sheets for the lids.  They came out great but I did not take a picture of them.  No good photo will come from clear plastic. Next up was the belly bands for the box. Oh my lord why would I even think of deckle cutting these strips.  Math time peeps, each box required 2 strips so then the deckle edge required 2 cuts, which then equals 4 passes through the trimmer per box - times 80 is (HELLO PAIN) 320 passes through the paper trimmer.  Thought my arm was going to fall off! Here is a picture:
 I did have some printing issues as well but I am back on the road with my new Canon laser printer. No need to get into the whole ugly story. All the graphics were done with Serif CraftArtist2.
Pretty in groups of 20! now to get them on the box. That was easy, just took an amazing amount of tape runner from my Scotch ATG gun. Once done it was on to the tags.  Back to the computer and printer we go.

And of course they need to get punched . . .
And backed with SU Night of Navy . . .
So that it would all end up looking like this . . .
Boxes ready to be filled, bowed and tagged!  They came out great and I am told the boxes will be filled with cookies that are shaped like a bat, baseball, baseball glove and baseball cap.  I think they will look just Grand Slam at the shower. I will leave you with this last picture of my SU Holiday Haul . . . Crafty Goodness is on the way for sure.
Bad Pic - Good Stuff, See you soon, thanks for stopping by,

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