Monday, June 28, 2010


Ok, So here is the first Capri Sun project.  I am a Barn Star freak.  I just love them.  So the first thing Rory and I came up with was this Capri Sun Barn Star.  Rory laced the whole outside with lime green plastic RexLace and the star was cut on a the Cricut using Make the Cut software.  We cut a white paper star and used the new Xyron Creatopia on the Capri Sun material. We are not sure where to hang our star but we sure had fun collecting the juice box holders and coming up with at least one project that used a recycled medium.  Hopefully we will move onto a purse project next but the pool and beautiful weather seem to call us to the outside of the house.  Summer is passing so quickly and I am beginning to realize that maybe just maybe I am a winter crafter.  No can't be as I have to make a diaper cake this weekend.  Thanks for visiting and if anyone wants to leave me tips on taking pictures I would sure appreciate it!

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  1. Oh good I'm not the only recycle nut in the family... I've crocheted bottle carriers out of plastic bags, and am currently working on a lunch bag tote too. Had to find a use for all the plastic! RMC