Sunday, July 11, 2010

WOW that's a lot of holes ...

OK, so the new Cinch binding punch came to live at our house.   So of course now all my focus is on punching a lot of round holes in just about anything that crosses my craft desk. YES, I did try to punch a record.  NO, it didn't work.  But  it was worth a try.  The Cinch did eat right through the chipboard and card stock that I used on this post it pad holder.  I like the Cinch well enough but to be honest I like my GBC square hole office binding system better.  The upside to the Cinch is its ability to control the punch dies, meaning you can somewhat control the spacing of the hole punches.  The GBC at my work has that feature but my home one does not.   I love  the post it pad size that is in this little notebook.  It is a 4X4 square.  Rory has staked her claim to it already.  Now in reality I probably would have punched smaller holes by hand but our goal was to play and experiment with the Cinch and of course use a capri sun pouch as well.  I have two other capri sun projects happily floating around in my head but the weather has been so nice that we are hardly in the house.  We will see if they get done as my crafty mojo is already turning to thoughts of Halloween.  Have a great day and thanks for visiting.  Lysa

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  1. Hi Lyssa,
    I love this--how does the cinch compare to Zutter? Have you ever used that one? I want to buy one of these for sure!
    My niece has a wallet and purse made from capri suns--so this is a super cool altered project. Brilliant creative thinking--I love it!

    All the best-from my hands to yours,