Monday, July 12, 2010

And The Bead Goes On ....

Now I know for sure I am avoiding a purse project with all these CapriSun pouches.  I mean it is for sure, I am totally avoiding the thought of sitting down at the sewing machine and sewing these foil squares into a tote bag.  It's not that I don't like tote bags.  It's more like ... "It's so been done"  OK, it's true, I have absolutely no CapriSun crafty tote bag Mojo.  At night, I have thoughts of throwing out all the CapriSun pouches or better yet dreams of folding them into little origami birds so that whilst I'm asleep they fly away. My heart was in the right place, I know it was.  It all seemed so cool. All those silvery pouches lined up, Just sitting there waiting for me to add in bit of this and a pinch of that and they would somehow transform into some sort of crafty-licious goodness.  People, I was wrong.   I do not love the oh so shiny, hard to work with CapriSun foil pouches.  I do however, still love my Rexlace plastic lacing.  I thought back to the early days (daze) of cutting up my Mom's magazines to create paper beads.  I thought back to the hours of rolling paper onto toothpicks to create some of the nicest beads I had ever seen.  So, I said to myself, let's give it a try.  Here are pictures of the results.  I just want to say one thing ...... Forget the glue stick and white glue.  You will need crazy glue to stop  these bad boys from unwinding.  I did have fun making the beads but I am so putting the rest of the pouches into an envelop and putting the purse project on the back burner.  Hope you like the beads and the bracelet, and thanks for visiting.  Lysa

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