Saturday, August 13, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Finding The Crafty Mojo

Hi Everyone,
Oh my, it's August 13th.  My summer is melting away just like the witch in the Wizard of Oz!  I have completed all my crafty obligations for the summer and now I can start to bring on Halloween.  I cleaned up the craftspace and brought out the Halloween craft supplies (rubber stamps, paper, embellies, etc.)  I even organized my digi files.  Angie over at Chic n Scratch (her link is on the sidebar) started her 12 weeks of Halloween this past Wednesday.  Wow, she made the cutest box for week #1!  I made it already.  But even after getting all my goodies together and making Angie's awesome box I still am lacking in the Halloween Mojo.  So I thought I better get going and find it.  I know it's here somewhere.
So have you all seen the video for K&Co. SMASH book.  I loved the video.  I love the song too.  Here is the link:

Most of us have been using notebook journals for years.  I always have and I keep them all.  Just like an old fashion scrapbook. So I love the word SMASH and I knew I would have more fun making one than buying one.  Even though they do look so nice.  I just wanted to make one.  I have a great paper stash and all kinds of good stuff, so why not?  So being I was looking for my Halloween Mojo I thought I'd make a Halloween SMASH book for myself.  And here it is:

Now keep in mind I am just starting to add to it and by this time next year it will be bursting with crafty goodness.  I made the chipboard cover and did all the punching with the CINCH.  I used a recycled spiral coil from an old pad I had.  I printed some of the paper as well as used some from the stash.  One of my favorite papers are from a column journal that I cut down.  I can't wait to start jotting things and adding to it.
Can you see the picture of  little man on the inside cover? He is here with me in the craftspace all year long to remind me of Halloween.  The only time he leaves is at Halloween to go upstairs so he is by all the decorations.  He is a great muse.  I smile every time I look at him.  The book was so much fun to make.  I think I will have to make a Christmas specific SMASH as well.  I think I really did find my Halloween Mojo because making this book really got me thinking and making my list of things to make.  Enjoy the weekend and thanks for visiting.

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