Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Halloween Mojo (It Has Arrived!)

Hi Everyone,
What a fantastic weekend it has been.  Paul and I went to a birthday dinner for a our friend Bill last night and we had a blast.  I had a chance to relax a bit and clear out the cobwebs. So when I woke this morning I made a b-line to Huey and boy did I hit on some crafty goodness.  First I have to say that I am so excited about this box that I am not even finished with it and I have to post a picture.  I fell in love the minute I saw it.  Now I have to tell you I stumbled on this box on a blog post from "Addicted to Stamping".  You can view it here and there is a video too!

Thank you Jackie Topa, I have now added you to my list of crafty muses!!

Now that's is a crafty good box, but I am a digital girl and I didn't have the Stamp'in up bitty box die to make the box.  But what I did have was Qbee's (Brenda Quintana, she's famous!) peek a boo box from her splitcoast stampers post and you can find it here:

And that is a super crafty good box, but I need to change it just a bit for this purpose. So Huey and I redrew this box using my KnK studio software and it came out great.  Here is a picture of the sizzix die cut (Angie over at chick n Scratch had sent me one as a gift) and my box

Once I had the box shaped the way that worked for me I cut it using MTC and the expression out of Fellowes Presentation Covers. Here is how it came out:
The box will hold 3 wrapped Ghirardelli chocolates (a true favorite of mine). Now I really want to do more to this box.  I was thinking of adding a sentiment to the inside of the shutters and a tag to the outside of the shutters on the lower right side.  I love this box! Its a cutie.  I want to give a shout out to both Jackie and Brenda for their inspiration.  "Thanks Crafty Girls....may the HALLOWEEN mojo be with you both!"

Thanks for visiting, Lysa

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