Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Last Invitation Post . . . I Promise

Yeah! Brought the Invites to Donna today.  I think she loved 'em. Wish I could have gotten a better picture but it was late last night and I knew I was facing  a bit of a day at work.  All I can say is I did my best and I really liked how they came out but .... I do now know that I will not be going into the invitation business anytime soon.  I did enjoy making them but I didn't get the same kick I usually get when I make a "little somethin' somethin' candy favor.  This project was a bit more mechanical than artsy to me.  It was all about the templates for the card and the layout.  Which was cool but ... I guess I just missed the candy.  I have always known it is all about the candy with me.  With that said I am moving on to the favors and I do love them.  They have cookies. Ummmmmmmm COOKIES!  Can't wait to give you a peek. Thanks for stopping by,

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