Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Here! Just Lost In Spring Cleaning

Hi Everyone,
I am in awe that it is May 1st! I have not left my craftroom, I just have not had a minute to post. As a family we have been busy, busy, busy! Can you believe it is only 50 degrees or so and the pool is open! Paul, the awesome hubs dude, needed to fix the pool heater so that involved an official pool opening. WOW, we worked for two weekends to get the house in summer mode and we are still not done. We have a new screen house going up this year and with a bit of luck I will be power washing this weekend. Now for my crafty review (sorry no pics) I have started the shower favors for Donna, made the invites for my Mother In Laws 80th. Made 12 miniature American flags for Karen (co-worker pics to follow), A baby onesie template for a friend that is making an awesome baby shower gift (hi Ellie)(Can you believe I practically begged the woman to let me cut the onesies for her) Ellie, you go girl, don't let me be a crafty control freak!! My SIL, Regina are planning some awesome crafty goodness for Mom's 80th (had to tell her about my crafty control issues as well) but I am super excited about those as well(ummmm Marshmellows!). The craftroom is still a hopping and I hope to post some picture soon. Thanks for staying with me,

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