Monday, May 28, 2012

The Day After The Party

Hi Everyone,
 I simply can't believe it is May 28th!  This month just flew by.  I have been so busy with things that the last three weeks have been a blur.  We (the family) have done so much around the house, getting things in summer mode.  I have also been crafty but wasn't able to post any pics in the event Mom checked my blog.  We celebrated Mom's 80th birthday yesterday and it was a blast! Now I can post the pictures of her invitations.  I loved how they came out.  With all the compliments I received yesterday I think everyone loved them as well.  Here is a picture:
And here is the inside:
And we played a couple of games.  Regina created a candy counting game and even gave prizes to the winners. I can't believe I missed getting a picture of the candy filled jar.  It was so cool!  Then we played an "All about Fran" question game that was a lot of fun.  I made a little question book so all could play.  Here is a picture.
My SIL, Regina made awesome chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick and I made a stand for them. Here is a picture of the stand:
Once, Regina added her awesome marshmallows it looked amazing! Here is a picture of the finished display:
It came out beautiful! And a yummy shout out to Regina! The mallows were delish!!!!
And best yet was the Birthday girl!!! We would all be nothing without her love and support!  We love you Mommy!!!!!!
A shout out also to Maryann and Vin who worked so hard to ready their home, created a fantastic menu and put this whole party together.  It was a lovely day.


  1. The party was a great success and it was a blast. Everyone did such an amazing job planning and keeping the secret. A very big happy birthday message to the wonderful granny franny we love you so much. Mom the invitations were beautiful and going right in my scrapbook along with the game booklet. To Regina great job on the marshmellos they were so yummy, and to aunt mare and uncle vin the party was great and I loved the decorations especially the sign " aged to perfection" as she is. Love you all happy memorial day !

  2. Hi Fran, Happy Birthday again. Wish I could have been there. Like everything else, I miss all the fun in NJ. I miss having you live in
    FL but I'm happy you are living close to your family. That's how it should be. Always remember that you are loved by all the lives you touched. (especially me.)Love, Lucy and family

    1. Yes Lysa and Regina, Your Crafty Selfs really were on display in a big way!The invites and game were outstanding( I especially loved the presentation!) and Regina's candy game and prizes and marshmellows were fun and delish!
      A wonderful day for a wonderful lady! Love you Mommy!

  3. dear Lysa ,
    I forgot u have a blog .. luv it beautiful day for a beautiful woman , great job send me some pics : ) She will always be My Alice from the Brady Bunch : )
    hope all is well xoxo Donna