Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Wedding Buttons - Out For Delivery!

The buttons have been done for weeks, but as always I hit a snag! DO NOT and by that I mean DO NOT!!!!spray paint a wicker basket with enamel paint.!.! I say this not because it is bad paint, I say this because it takes about 3 weeks for the smell of the paint to dissipate. Yes, it is true. No matter how much airing out or potpourri or even dryer sheets or baking soda is involved you will need 3 weeks for the smell of the enamel paint to go away. Lesson learned, from now on it is sponged on water based acrylic paint for me! I am now able to put the basket under cello wrap for delivery. Here are the pictures of how the basket came out. I am happy to deliver this basket of goodies to my friend Donna. I hope the Bride, Groom and guests are as happy as I am about how the buttons came out.
 I enjoyed making these buttons because it was such a large scale project.  I was able to print the 200 graphics with my HP 7500a printer, cut them with my KnK ZING using the PnC registration, followed by 200 bag toppers printed with the HP and cut with the ZING. Bagged in a standard Wilton candy cello bag and then tied off with ribbon.  It really made me happy to see 200 items all made by me!
Thanks for stopping by and remember I still have Kristen's shower favors on my crafty list of things to do.
Have a great week end!


  1. Hi Lysa,

    how do you manage to cut it exactly? I make a lot of buttons and magnets and I cut them one by one. I only have the cricut though. Ive never heard of the Zing. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting. I use DSA2 to create the graphic and then used my MTC software and my zing to cut out the buttons if memory serves I had five on a page. MTC easily traced the image (I created a bleed area on the graphic. I traced the graphic as a square an then over layed the circle outline for the cut. Worked like a charm. Hope this helps.

  3. how much would u charge to make 60 of these? my email I thanks millie