Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rory's Strangling Raven Costume - Part 1

Hi Everyone,
So here we are at September 2nd! I can't believe summer is almost completely behind us.  School starts in just 3 days.  I was lucky enough to grab a few vacation days so I could enjoy the holiday weekend. You all know we are lovers of Halloween in this house. Well . . . I should say I am a lover of all things Halloween.  I don't do scary as a rule.  No blood, guts and gore for me.  No sir, I like more mellow side of Halloween.  The colors, the pumpkins and maybe a cute little ghost or two. It is true I like to get an early start with crafting and I do try to get decorating as early as I can.  We get the costume action going in August as soon as the catalogs start to come.  This year the little girl picked another awesome costume.  This year she will be sporting the "Strangling Raven" based on artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith's artwork.  The 3 of us (the girl, the Mom, & the Nonna) loved it the minute we saw it in the catalog. So the order was placed.  Here is a picture from the catalog:
WOW!! How Cute is that! We were so excited to get it. I myself, loved the wings the most.  I kept looking at the picture.  I thought they did a fantastic job with the wings. I mean I loved the jumper and the belt with the birds. I loved the blue, black and gray color scheme. We all thought it was great. And it is! I know because it came yesterday.  The jumper is well made even though the fabric is standard costume level fabric.  The quality of the sewing is well done.  The seams are well done and the patterns line up well.  The chain belt with the birds is awesome because the birds are pins and can be recycled somewhere after the fact.  The tights are great. Plain striped footless tights that will be used again. Gloves are good, Choker necklace is good but I need to make it smaller. The wings, well, NOT SO GOOD! I mean they are do-able but they look nothing like the picture.  The wings in that picture are not the wings that come with the costume. OK, OK . . . so I am a bit picky.  I just really thought the wings made this costume.  So they should be awesome crafty good, right?
If you really look at the picture you will see that the wings have 2 courses of feathers. No, they only have one. Even worse yet, they only have feathers on one side.  The back has only black felt.  Here are the pics:

I know what your thinking!(your thinking: "Lady you are nuts!, These wings are beautiful and are just fine for a kids costume for trick or treating") I know that's what your thinking because I am quoting the Hubs from yesterday while we were standing on line at Joann fabrics. Which was where we went after A.C. Moore. Which was where I bought the first supply of black feathers. Which just didn't seem to be right so I needed to go to Joann's too. . . . . .( this is me trailing off as wonder how the man stayed married to me for 29 years) Yup! A mere $18.00 later and we are going to have ourselves a pair of double sided wings! OH YEA! Here is a pic of my new found feather supply:
 Really, I think I just may have hit the crafting wall! So I got up at like 5 a.m. this morning and started to plot how I was going to bump up these wings. The feathers don't match the front, I just barely have enough long ones to cover the felt. With that said I am off to give it a go.  I will post part 2 at some point after I finish the wings and vacuum up all this feather stuff that is all over the floor and floating in the air.  Thanks for stopping by and here's hoping your laughing with me and not at me.

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