Sunday, September 23, 2012

Still Here - Just Lost in CA2

Hi Everyone,
Wow, September is so O-V-E-R! Really you should see my house! We are completely Halloween! For the last week or so I have been putting away summer and bringing Halloween down from the attic. In addition to work and decorating I have been playing with my new Craft Artist 2 software. In a word, AWESOME! I wish I could just sit here and play. Let me tell you what my favorite parts are. First off I love the .pdf import. Yes, even though I have other software that does that. I like this the best. You can really get some great graphic in that format so its a winner in my book.  The .svg import/export is also a fav.  Thanks to the Daisy Trail forum we are all learning the best way to use that feature.  Also I love the punch. I have so many of my Stampin 'Up punches in .svg format so that is just a great crafty addition for me to use along with all my Stampin 'Up digi files.  Now as you know I don't make videos often. I always want to but time gets in the way.  I wanted to show everyone how to flatten a graphic that has multiple layers and I really could not explain with words so I took a shot with this screen recording software.  Please my voice was enough to make the cat run.  Anyway I hope it helps someone along the way.  Here it is!
Again, I am not a video maker!  Have a great day.  Check back soon as I hope to start posting my Halloween goodies soon.

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