Saturday, March 30, 2013

Progress . . . Well, I wouldn't call it progress

Hi Everyone,
Progress is a funny thing. Now I need you to know I am taking about "making progress" in a home improvement project. What I immediately notice is that there is a difference in the definition for the word "progress" depending on your gender.  Now our little improvement crew is made up of 3 men and 3 women.  The ages of the crew are from age 9 to late 70's.  Wow, that a lot of opinions to reckon with! But more than a generational thing it has become a gender thing.  Oh yes peeps, chauvinist attitude is alive and living right here in New Jersey!  Yes, (said the dude's) let's ask the women what they want to do and then we will completely ignore every word that they said.  If left to me and dear daughter and dear grand daughter we would have made some real progress this week-end.  Progress to me means a task was set, work was done and job completed.  Not so for the men.  It is more like this. Task is set, step one is done, stand back and admire incomplete job (for like and hour while talking about next step).  OK . . .  I am kidding, but really if you have a plumbing pipe that is in the corner of a closet, can't you just paint it white? Do you need to frame it out and dry wall it? What is going to happen when a plumber needs to get at it? Really its a pipe in a closet.  So in lieu of finishing the drywall we (the women folk) are just hanging out waiting till we are called back to assist with the drywall. (and by assist I mean carrying it in from the garage) I mean we all know we women can't read a tape measure worth a lick!! The moulding is another issue.  What is with trying to save all the original moulding. In all fairness, I do understand the saving of $$$, but really this moulding is shot.  It took hours to oh so carefully pry off each piece, label it to the window or door that it came from and carefully store it in the basement. But, after all of that I heard the Hubster say to dear daughter (and I quote) "Ya know, you don't have to refinish or leave the moulding wood, you can paint it if you want".  Really, than why for goodness sake are we just not buying new moulding!  Ok, so I am just doing a bit of a rant but if you saw how happy the dude's were about framing in the pipe you would be teasing them too. All kidding aside in the grand scheme of progress some work was done.  Here are some pictures of what was done this week-end:
the built in . . Here today . . .

and now it's gone . . .  See the pipe!
Sam gets a closet!
And a bedroom door
New dry wall, but lots of issues
    Ok, so we did make some progress, and all in all we are all happy with what was completed. Please notice some dry wall is vertical, and some is horizontal.  This was a difference in opinion and youtube videos! Tomorrow is Easter and we all will be taking the day for family and some fun.  Hopefully during the week all the rest of the dry wall will be completed and we can start with tape and mud.  I wish you all a Happy Easter and hope the Bunny is good to you all.  Thanks for visiting and please stop by again to join me in my 3 room redo.


  1. LOL at the gender thing Lysa....agree totally with this :) Although I can't really complain as my hubby is pretty good at doing things how I ask for them...most times!
    This room is showing great progress...well done! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the reno photos. I really like the walk-in closet :)
    Hope you had a lovely, family Easter.
    Hugs xx

  2. Hi Lynne,
    You should see the mess here. It has become a joke we are climbing over boxes and junk all over the place. We had a great Easter over at my MIL's and now we are working hard to get stuff done. Let's see what this weekend brings. Hope you and yours had a great Easter too! Thanks for checking in.