Monday, April 8, 2013

One Thing Leads To Another .....

Hi Everyone,
Life is oh so good as we move through the room re-do's. This past weekend we really made some tracks.  I must say the house is a HOT MESS! St. Patrick's and Easter decorations are still up as I have had not a moment to even think about taking them down.  It is so funny to see how as a family we are moving through this room renovation.  I have to say Sam, as I always call her, is so funny.  She truly is making this space her own.  Watching her calculate the cutting of drywall has been amazing.  I will tell you that she is pouring her heart and soul into this.  As a Mom, I know that with all this sweat equity, I know this will be a space she will love (and take good care of). Here is an updated picture of the room with the drywall ready for tape and compound:

 Once they are done with that, the carpet will come up, painting will be done and the new floor will be installed.  Pay no attention to the cut out in the ceiling, that was just a little tiny mold spot that turns out to be a, well a DISASTER!!!! Here is a pic of that badness!
UGH ................... one thing leads to another! Yup, that is the upstairs shower leaking, CHA....CHING!$!$! there goes the budget! So with that said we are still moving forward.  Like I said life is good because while the construction peeps are dealing with drywall and leaks, Rory and I are planning our rooms. We are picking colors and themes and having a blast (thinking that we have all the money in the world).  Here is a rough sketch layout of my new craftspace:
I figure I will be sitting in this room by July.  I love the pear green, black, gray and white.  See those wood bins. . that is what will be on all my shelves to hold all my crafty good supplies.  Love them!!!  Rory chose a music -  Broadway theme for her room and is using the same color palette as I am.  Lots of music notes and sheet music through out. Can't you just see black notes popping off the pear green walls.  She also plans on framing and hanging her Playbills and Broadway memorabilia.  It has been a long time since we have invested in the fun side of the house.  The past 10 years has been maintenance and now we are having some decorating fun.  It is good for the soul! I am excited as I browse through other peoples craft rooms and I pull just a little bit of an idea from each one. Can't wait to show you all some more pictures as things with room one come together.  Thanks for visting!

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  1. BIG BUMMER about the leak Lysa :( I guess it's a good thing that you found it now though, before it did a whole lot more damage!!
    Wow, your new craft space will look FABULOUS. I love to be organised but seem to make a right royal mess when I craft lol The colours will look lovely. I can't wait to see photos of you installed in this area...and see you crafting again :) I miss your brilliant projects!
    Hugs xx