Monday, April 15, 2013

Construction Update!

Hi Everyone,
Little to report on this end.  We worked all weekend on Sam's room.  I am happy to say we were productive.  Walls are done, carpet is gone, and new light fixtures are installed.  Here is a pic of this weeks progress:
 We still are dealing with the water issue from the upstairs bathroom.  Paul and I worked diligently scraping the old grout out and preparing it for new sealant.  The new sealant was done and by tomorrow we will know if our labor has paid off and no water comes pouring down into this room. with any luck the priming will get started before this coming weekend. I have been told by the "crew" that the painting will be done prior the the new floor being installed. By now all this home repair has me bored to tears and it has only been about 4 weeks and there are two more rooms ahead of us.  I miss my craft supplies and the house is just a mess.  I am just itching to do something crafty or at least be getting the summer motif going in the house.  I just wanted to post one picture from this week end so that I would be keeping my journal of this project going, I just wish I had something a bit more exciting to report.  Thanks for tuning in and I hope by next week I have a bit more to say.

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  1. Oh dear Lysa, I know how hard it is to maintain enthusiasm when you're in the middle of a mess but hang in there! Hopefully you'll be in your new space by July as hoped. I can really understand your withdrawals from doing any crafting....can imagine how much you're missing it. I'm not getting any crafting time either, for different reasons...still very frustrating...we NEED to craft to nurture our souls!! Well, I do anyway lol
    Hope the leak is all sorted so you can get on with the rest of the work.
    Sam's room is looking she loves it :) Looking forward to the next installment. Been a bit absent lately but hope to be back again soon.
    Hugs xx