Saturday, April 5, 2014

Our Easter Banner

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick pit stop to the blog to post a picture of the Easter banner Rory and I made last weekend.  Every time Rory comes to play in the craftroom something crafty good happens.  I just love when we are getting our craft on together. We started by looking at pictures on Pinterest of Easter banners and Rory fell in love with one that used carrot shapes. Once we had decided that was our inspiration everything fell into place easy peasy.  Once I grabbed some cut files from my digital stash we were off and running. The Zing and MTC made quick work for cutting out our shapes.  Here is a picture of everything lined up:
Right before we started to assemble the banner, Rory took the time to ink the edges of everything.  What a difference the shadowing makes.  It really brings things to life. I always like to grab a few pictures of her working.
Once the inking was all done we ran the cuts through the Xyron.  It is our favorite adhesive as you may know.  We used glue dots to attach the green carrot tops in between the front and back layer of the carrot. The letters are popped up with pop dots to add a bit of dimension. We chose a natural raffia for stringing the banner together and here is how it came out:
 Wow, it looks like we our ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny! We had a blast making this.  I have to say that we do well working together.  I like that we started by using the computer to plan our project.  I like seeing Rory working with MTC software.  Once laid out on the mat you can really get a sense of size and the look of the complete project.  I like that Rory is able to get a feel and understanding of vector plotting.  I see these as skills that may come in handy someday.  You know I want a 3-D printer and if we ever get one I know she will be able to use it.  I like that we move from technology to a handcraft.  It is a great experience to bring a flat piece of paper to life.  I think Rory can see it is important to use all the resources available to get to a final product.   I hope you all like our banner and stop back soon as I hope to get a handle on the 25 little Lindt bunnies I bought. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting,


  1. Wow Lysa, you are Rory work well together!! This is one amazing banner. I just love it and may have to scrap lift this ideal. lol I think you and Roy are the perfect team and how much fun you to must have together! Hugs

    1. Thanks Brenda, She really does keep me crafting. Hope all is well on your end and all are in good health!