Friday, April 3, 2015

Lindt Easter Bunnies, I LOVE 'EM!!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick pit stop to show off this years Easter table favors for Sunday.  I have been so busy I didn't think I would get to it.  But, with those cute little bunnies starring at me I had no choice but to stop what I was doing and make them up for Easter Sunday dinner. Here is a picture of how they came out:
 So cute, all I did was use my ZING to cut a four petal shape.  I just folded each petal up and tied around the square to create a box. I curled the paper around pen to create a petal look.  The shape looks like this:
I didn't even need to score the fold lines! The paper is K&Co. and it folded and curled perfectly.  I made the tag markers in CA2 and used my Brother SnC to cut them out.  They came together so quick and easy this morning that I can move on to making my cheesecake! Here is one last pic:
Wishing you all a Happy Easter,

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  1. As usual, an adorable Easter project, Lysa...I have a couple dozen of these little guys hiding out in a bag, waiting for me to make them a new home :). Love what you have done, you rock!!